The Trinity

Author: Saint Augustine of Hippo
Editor: Works of St. Augustine
ISBN: 9781565486102
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In the first seven books Augustine searches the scriptures for clues to understanding the Trinity and then defends the orthodox statement of the doctrine against the Arians. In the last eight books Augustine seeks to understand the mystery of the divine Trinity by observing an analogous trinity in the image of God, which is the human mind; and in so doing, he also suggests a program for the serious Christian of spiritual self-discovery and renewal.

The Trinity

Author: Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)
Editor: New City Pr
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In this series New City Press, in conjuction with the Augustinian Heritage Institute, will provide the complete works of Saint Augustine for the first time in the English language. New translations, introductions and notes by renowned Augustinian scholars.

Arianism And Other Heresies

Author: Saint Augustine (of Hippo)
Editor: Works of Saint Augustine
ISBN: 9781565480384
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Part of the Works of Saint Augustine

Augustine On The Trinity

Author: Agustín (Santo, Obispo de Hipona.)
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521796651
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Augustine's On the Trinity is a major statement of his thought, in which he develops his philosophy of mind. It had a considerable influence on medieval philosophy, and it continues to interest philosophers today. This edition presents it together with a philosophical and historical introduction by Gareth Matthews, and useful notes on further reading.

Theo Drama Theological Dramatic Theory Vol 5

Author: Hans Urs von Balthasar
Editor: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 0898706890
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This is the final volume of this series on "theological dramatic theory" by the great 20th century theologian Balthasar. This series is the second part of Balthasar's trilogy on the good, the beautiful and the true which is his major work. The first series in the trilogy is The Glory of the Lord, and following this Theo-Drama series will be Theo-Logic. In this series "the good" has been the focus. Balthasar maintains that it is in the theater that man attempts a kind of transcendence to observe and to judge his own truth about himself. He sees the phenomenon of theater as a source of fruitfulness for theological reflection on the cosmic drama that involves earth and heaven. This fifth volume is trinitarian, focusing on the mystery of God. He draws heavily on Scripture and many passages from the works of the mystic Adrienne von Spyer. Some of the topics covered include "A Christian Eschotology," "The World is from the Trinity," "Earth moves Heavenward," "The Final Act: A Trinitarian Drama."

Doctrine Of The Priesthood Vol 3 No 1 The Nauvoo Doctrine In Light Of Book Of Mormon Prophecy Part 1 The Concept

Editor: Collier's Publishing
ISBN: 9780934964463
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The Sacred Scriptures Vol Ii Part 1 2

Author: Johannes Biermanski
Editor: Ebozon Verlag
ISBN: 3959633394
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The objective of “The Sacred Scriptures” by John Biermanski is to revoke all falsifications in today's Bibles known so far (in the Old and New Testament), and to restore the original state of the verses as far as possible. In the present work, you will find “The Acts of the Apostles” to “The Letter of Paul the Apostle to Philemon”, in which the verses are written in German and English, as well as an appendix with various elaborations and statements, etc. (see the table of contents). There is both a German and an English edition in which the attachments are available in the respective selected language. This is an English edition. The author was born in 1963 in North Rhine-Westphalia and completed a traineeship for wholesale and foreign trade in a pharmaceutical wholesale company. In the course of his professional development, he used to be a freelancer but was also officially employed; he has experienced a lot rises and falls throughout his life. While studying the Scriptures, he was led by the Spirit of the only God, the Almighty and the only Holy Father in heaven, whereas, by grace, he could recognize many things that are now presented as heresies to the world. In recent years he has been active in the proclamation of the Word of YAHWEH Elohim (G-d) in Europe, Canada, particularly in Brazil (South America), and has enlightened many people by his message, so that they get to know the true God, His holy name and His will and only obey Him (Exodus 20:2-11; Leviticus chapter 19 and 23 etc.) – and start to think about all this, i. e. “so that they finally decide themselves in favour of the living Elohim (G-d): YAHWEH, instead of against Him, and their names are not erased from the divine 'Book of Life' forever.”