The Unseen Mauretania

Autore: J. Kent Layton
Editore: History Press
ISBN: 9780750959575
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An evocative visual history of the legendary liner known as the "greyhound of the Atlantic" When she took to the rugged North Atlantic for the first time in November of 1907, the Cunard company's Mauretania was the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner. But beyond her comfort and size, it was hoped that her mighty engines would guarantee that she would also become the fastest ship on the Atlantic. She and her sister ship, the Lusitania, carried with them the hopes of an entire nation. Although the Lusitania's life was tragically cut short in 1915, the Mauretania went on to hold the Blue Riband speed prize for 22 years. This evocative book by maritime expert J. Kent Layton follows her glorious career spanning portions of four decades of the twentieth century.

The Unseen Aquitania

Autore: Kent Layton
Editore: History Press
ISBN: 9780750967358
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RMS Aquitania was in service for decades, and was very much beloved. The third in Cunard Line's "grand trio" of express liners, running mate of the lost Lusitania and the legendary Mauretania (1907), Aquitania was the last surviving four-funnelled ocean liner. Aquitania was pressed into service during both world wars and was one of the longest serving passenger liners of the 20th century. She was also one of the most elegant, nicknamed the "ship beautiful." Maritime authors J. Kent Layton and Tad Fitch have collaborated to put together the most evocative and exciting collection of imagery relating to this historic vessel ever shown.

The British Journal Of Photography

Autore: William Crookes
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