The Wonder Of Guadalupe

Author: Francis Johnston
Editor: TAN Books
ISBN: 161890163X
Size: 19,16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 252

This relatively short book is widely regarded as the best on the apparition of Our Lady in 1531 in Mexico City. Tells the complete story, from the Conquest of Mexico and the conversion of the Aztecs, through the development of the devotion and into the modern era. Shows that the picture is not a painting, but more like a photograph, and how under normal circumstances it should have disintegrated in 20 or 30 years. Describes several miracles that saved it and the remarkable power of the devotion. An enthralling story and an essential devotion.

Nahuatl Theater Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Author: Barry D. Sell
Editor: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806137940
Size: 12,43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 790

The foundation legend of the Mexican devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most appealing and beloved of all religious stories. In this volume, editors Barry D. Sell, Louise M. Burkhart, and Stafford Poole present the only known colonial Nahuatl-language dramas based on the Virgin of Guadalupe story: the Dialogue of the Apparition of the Virgin Saint Mary of Guadalupe, an anonymous work from the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century, and The Mexican Portent, authored by creole priest Joseph Pérez de la Fuente in the early eighteenth century. The plays, never before published in English translation, are vital works in the history of the Guadalupe devotion, for they show how her story was presented to native people at a time when it was not universally known. Faithful transcriptions and translations of the plays are accompanied here by introductory essays by Poole and Burkhart and by three additional previously unpublished Guadalupan texts in Nahuatl. This volume is the second in a four-volume series titled Nahuatl Theater, edited by Sell and Burkhart.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Author: Mirabai Starr
Editor: Sounds True
ISBN: 9781591798354
Size: 20,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Our Lady of Guadalupe takes you to a time when a modest Aztec peasant had a vision of a radiant woman "clothed in the sun." This divine presence began to emerge as a union between Mary of Christianity and the Mother Goddess of the native people. As her legend swept across the crumbling Aztec empire, she inspired millions of followers to peacefully embrace a changing world. Today, the beloved Lady of Guadalupe still acts as a benevolent, merciful force to help us rise above strife and violence. For those times when we are called to engage in compassionate yet decisive action, it is the force of the divine feminine embodied by Our Lady of Guadalupe that can guide our path. With poetry, prayers, and art gathered together by editor Mirabai Starr, Our Lady of Guadalupe gives you a powerful link to this blessed mother, and to the loving and righteous grace of her sacred energy.

The Catholic Tradition

Author: Thomas Langan
Editor: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 9780826211835
Size: 15,28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 128

In his Tradition and Authenticity in the Search for Ecumenic Wisdom, Thomas Langan argued that the close interaction of traditions in today's society calls for methodical critical appropriation of the beliefs fostered by the principal traditions. He also promised to demonstrate by example how such appropriation could be accomplished. In The Catholic Tradition, Langan successfully fulfills that vow by showing how a tradition--the Catholic--has shaped his own outlook. In this comprehensive study, Langan examines the history of the Catholic Church and the origins of its teachings since the Church's conception. Although committed to the Catholic religion, Langan does not obscure the Church's failings as he lays out the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. He provides insight into the great Christological councils, discusses the differences in the spiritualities of East and West, and portrays the crucial roles that the pope and bishops played during the Middle Ages. He incorporates the thought of Augustine, Aquinas, and medieval Catholicism as he traces the rise and decline of Christian Europe, the great issues raised by the reform: priesthood, the Eucharist, spirituality, and Church structure. Satan has no greater triumph, Langan asserts, than when Catholics, who are recipients of the Good News of God's universal love, allow selections from their tradition to be turned into sectarianism and ideology. This balanced history of the Church as human reality faces such perversions squarely. But despite betrayals by its own across the centuries, the Catholic tradition, with its origin at Sinai, remains the oldest and largest extant religious institution. In a last section Langan offers a unique overview of the church's present situation, its strengths and weaknesses, the new movement and the challenge of the "new evangelization."

California The Wonder Of The Age

Author: Thomas Butler King
Size: 12,99 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 510

The Wonder Of It All

Author: Yosemite Conservancy
Editor: Yosemite Conservancy
ISBN: 1930238703
Size: 10,71 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 390

Since the founding of the National Park Service in 2016, tens of thousands of NPS employees and volunteers have devoted themselves to preserving our public lands, which today number more than 400. Each person’s NPS career is unique, seasoned with daily duties, grand adventures, and everything in between! Yet there is one common element: each person has plenty of material for terrific stories about living and working in America’s most special places. These 100 true stories from current and past NPS employees and volunteers make for an engrossing, funny, and often moving read, with something for everyone. The writers welcome visitors, ride the rails, collar caribou, reenact and make history, and every day face the mystery of wildness—including plenty of bears!—all for America’s public lands. Featuring more than 100 photograph and stories from 80 different parks, monuments, and historic sites, stretching from the coast of Maine to American Samoa, The Wonder of It All is sure to inspire a new generation to cherish the natural and cultural resources that the National Park Service was born to preserve.

The Virgin Of Guadalupe

Author: Mary Doval Graziose
Size: 14,72 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 630

Padre Pio The Wonder Worker

Author: Francis Mary Kalvelage
Editor: Academy of the Immaculate
ISBN: 1601140096
Size: 16,49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 335

A story of love and sacrifice for our time This book is sure to challenge the faithless, excite the interest of the wavering, and inspire the faithful to aspire to holiness. Over 40 chapters including the two inspirational homilies given by Pope John Paul II during the beatification celebration in Rome, May 2 and 3, 2000. Part one of the book is a short biography. The second part is on Padre Pio's spirituality, charisms, apostolate of the confessional, and his great work of charity, 'The House for the Relief of Suffering.' One must see the contents to appreciate the wide coverage. "Padre Pio is one of those saints, like St. Francis of Assisi, who transcends his own time. Thus, this book will always have a timeless value and appeal. May the Blessed Mother enlighten and guide all who read The Wonder Worker." - Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, popular guest speaker in Mother Angelica's EWTN You learn from this book... - An account of prodigy and heroism from a saint of Gargano - The life and mission of Padre Pio - The importance of Catholic family upbringing in producing saints - Detailed account of the saint's stigmata - The heroic virtues of Padre Pio for imitation - Accounts of miracles through Padre Pio's intercession

Rebirth Of Wonder

Author: David M. Johnson
Editor: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826339751
Size: 14,79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 816

Rebirth of Wonderchronicles in prose David Johnson's migrations and adventures of discovery from Minnesota to New Mexico, Mexico, Spain, and Greece. His odysseys have taken this young son of a Norwegian-Lutheran minister to the life of a poet-teacher, making his way in the world as a father, husband, grandfather, and man of tolerance and conscience of the twentieth century. "Memoir and poetry fuse in these delightful family history and travel sagas, revealing the poet's intense experiences on a road well traveled."--Rudolfo Anaya, author ofJemez Spring(UNM Press) "David Johnson was my first teacher of poetry. He inspired, and gave permission to explore the territory of the soul. This collection of poems reveals the immense spirit of the poet, and these poems will in turn, inspire and give permission. . . . These poems are deft, tender, and powerful; are lights in a time of wounding. I continue to learn."--Joy Harjo, poet, musician, professor "What a beautiful book! David Johnson celebrates the mysterious powers that drive us to seek wholeness in family life, ancestral memory, in the putting down of roots only to uproot . . . craft and contemplation come together here and the winners are readers hungry for a fuller, more beautiful life."--Demetria Martinez

Mary Of The Americas

Author: Christopher Rengers
Editor: St Pauls Publishing
Size: 12,14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Tepeyac Hill northeast of Mexico City on December 12, 1531, when she left her image imprinted on the cloak of an Aztec Indian named Juan Diego, continue to fascinate believers and nonbelievers alike the world over. She came from heaven with the tenderness of a mother to invite all those who, even in the centuries to come, would dwell on the American continent, to a life of holiness, prayer and peace by following Jesus, her divine Son. Details of the apparitions, the miracle of the roses, the amazing discoveries regarding Mary's image on the tilma, and the import of her message for the world today are set forth with uncommon clarity and devotion in this highly readable and fully illustrated book.