There Was A Knock On The Door

Author: Andrew Simms
Editor: The Real Press
ISBN: 0995662304
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Modern folk tales, couched in traditional form, that make sense of modern problems like climate change and the refugee crisis.

She Knocked At The Door

Author: Jie Zhang
ISBN: 9781592650569
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She Knocked at the Door is the story of a Chinese girl, told in her own words, from childhood to adulthood. Her story is set during the period of China's great difficulties and the girl endures terrible blows that split her family. She faces not only the usual, everyday adversities, but also surprising and tragic events that no child should experience. Recommened for ages 12 and up

Suddenly A Knock On The Door

Author: Etgar Keret
Editor: FSG Originals
ISBN: 1466816201
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Bringing up a child, lying to the boss, placing an order in a fast-food restaurant: in Etgar Keret's new collection, daily life is complicated, dangerous, and full of yearning. In his most playful and most mature work yet, the living and the dead, silent children and talking animals, dreams and waking life coexist in an uneasy world. Overflowing with absurdity, humor, sadness, and compassion, the tales in Suddenly, a Knock on the Door establish Etgar Keret—declared a "genius" by The New York Times—as one of the most original writers of his generation.

A Knock On The Door

Author: Patrick S. Vandenburgh
Editor: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 160462213X
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Suicide was moments away until someone knocked on the door. Author Patrick Vandenburgh explains his life story of teenage alcohol and drug addiction gone awry. A Knock On The Door is a gripping story of a normal, middle-class, star athlete turned twice convicted felon. His life is hopelessly lost until an amazing encounter on a dark, country road. The story becomes even more intriguing when the victims offer forgiveness through Christian love. The destiny of friendship was birthed through a tragic event and A Knock On The Door. This story will move you to tears and shouts of joy as you become a participant identifying with the trials and triumphs of life. No Endorsements at this time. Patrick Vandenburgh is currently serving as Senior Pastor of The Fathers House Church in Lena, Illinois. He studied Bible Theology and Christian Education at Wheaton College and received a History degree from Colombia College. Patrick has served as a Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, and President of an Evangelistic Ministry entitled Saved By Grace. He has traveled nationally and internationally sharing his story with millions at churches, schools, and prisons/jails. His story has twice aired nationally on the television program The 700 Club. Patrick has been married to his beautiful wife, Tricia, for thirteen years. They have five lovely children- Christa (12), Timothy (11), Ezekiel (8), and Katie Grace (6), and a newborn.

That Knock At The Door

Author: Holly S. Fenelon
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475925379
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A blue star for each family member serving in America's military a gold star if that life was lost in defense of the nation's freedom. IN WORLD WAR I, the American tradition of the service flag began. Families displayed a simple fabric banner with a blue star for each family member serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. If a family member died in the nation's service, a gold star covered that individual's blue star on the family service flag. Not a symbol of mourning, the gold star represented the family's pride and the honor and glory accorded to that individual for making the supreme sacrifice in defense of the America's freedom. Soon, the term gold star mother came to be used to identify and honor women who had lost a son or daughter in wartime military service. Following the war, as the nation focused its attention on those veterans who had returned whole in mind and body, gold star mothers served as a constant reminder of the true cost of war. In 1928, a group of these women formed American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., an organization created to honor those who had died by being of service to veterans and their families in need, supporting gold star families, and caring for veterans who had returned with physical, emotional and psychological wounds. From that humble beginning, American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. has become an icon of national service, opening its membership time and again to gold star mothers of later wars and conflicts, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Their amazing legacy of service is an important yet largely unknown chapter in American history. This book presents the story of gold star mothers in America and the first comprehensive history of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., drawn from nearly a century of archival materials. The fascinating story of the strong women who honored their fallen sons and daughters by dedicating themselves to the service of veterans and peace is both compelling and inspiring.

I Stand At The Door And Knock

Author: Corrie ten Boom
Editor: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310309034
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Contains Forty New, Never-Before-Published DevotionsAt the height of Nazi power, amid the horrors of a concentration camp, the seeds of faith and forgiveness grew to fruition in the heart of a young Dutch woman named Corrie ten Boom. Outlasting Ravensbrück and Hitler’s regime, Corrie went on to accomplish what brute power never could: conquering hearts across the world with healing words of hope, forgiveness, and trust in God.This is Corrie ten Boom at her best and most inspiring. These forty timeless devotionals remind you of the treasures of faith in Christ, the mysteries of God’s kingdom, and joy of a surrender that leads you out of fear into the freedom of love and forgiveness.I Stand at the Door and Knock offers timeless messages of faith, hope, and forgiveness from a veteran saint.

The Knock At The Door

Author: Ryan Manion
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 154608522X
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Three Gold Star women, linked forever by unimaginable loss, share their inspiring, unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives. What happens when tragedy knocks on your front door? For us, it was a literal knock, with two men standing in crisply pressed uniforms. They had news. News that gutted us to the core -- the death of our loved ones, a brother and two husbands -- in combat zones. The thing about those moments is that it's almost inconceivable that they can happen to you. That is, until they do. This book is for anyone who has ever received a knock at the door. And if you live long enough and have the courage to love others, you will. Maybe it's a cancer diagnosis. Maybe it's the death of your best friend. The betrayal of a spouse. The loss of a child. The implosion of a professional career. Or any tragedy that takes the person we love the most away from us too soon. Life is not without its challenges. The key is how you respond.This is our story. The story of three women, bonded by grief and purpose. Grief because we lost our best friends in war. Purpose because we resolved -- together -- to do something about it. To turn loss into inspiration for others and to channel the love that we had for the men in our lives into love for others through service. It was the only way we could escape the trap of despair and inaction, and we believe it offers a roadmap for anyone else who has ever had to answer a knock at the door.

Knock At The Door Of Opportunity

Author: Christopher Robert Reed
Editor: SIU Press
ISBN: 0809333333
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Disputing the so-called ghetto studies that depicted the early part of the twentieth century as the nadir of African American society, this thoughtful volume by Christopher Robert Reed investigates black life in turn-of-the-century Chicago, revealing a vibrant community that grew and developed on Chicago’s South Side in the early 1900s. Reed also explores the impact of the fifty thousand black southerners who streamed into the city during the Great Migration of 1916–1918, effectively doubling Chicago’s African American population. Those already residing in Chicago’s black neighborhoods had a lot in common with those who migrated, Reed demonstrates, and the two groups became unified, building a broad community base able to face discrimination and prejudice while contributing to Chicago’s growth and development. Reed not only explains how Chicago’s African Americans openly competed with white people for jobs, housing and an independent political voice but also examines the structure of the society migrants entered and helped shape. Other topics include South Side housing, black politics and protest, the role of institutionalized religion, the economic aspects of African American life, the push for citizenship rights and political power for African Americans, and the impact of World War I and the race riot of 1919. The first comprehensive exploration of black life in turn-of-the-century Chicago beyond the mold of a ghetto perspective, this revealing work demonstrates how the melding of migrants and residents allowed for the building of a Black Metropolis in the 1920s. 2015 ISHS Superior Achievement Award

In The Shadow Of Descartes

Author: G.H. Von Wright
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792349921
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Read: 1950

Descartes made a sharp distinction between matter and mind. But he also thought that the two interact with one another. Is such interaction possible, however, without either a materialist reduction of mind to matter or an idealist (phenomenalist) reduction of matter to mind? These questions overshadow the Western tradition in metaphysics from the time of Descartes to present times. The book makes an effort to stay clear of reductivist views of the two Cartesian substances. It defends a dualistic psycho-physical parallel theory which reconciles freedom of action with determinism in nature. Basic problems in perception theory are also discussed, with special emphasis on hearing and sound. Because of the intrinsic interest of the subject and the author's non-technical presentation of it, the book should appeal to all readers with a serious interest in philosophy and psychology.

A Finn Life By No Means

Author: Rose Finn
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449071848
File Size: 15,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1966

An insight into what life was like for a young man in Scotland and the North of England during the depression of the 1930s, constantly being laid off and seeking work. The respect held for his parents and family and a glimpse of a by gone time where a wonderful party was based on a glass of lemonade and dance round the church hall.

Christ Knocking At The Door Of Sinners Hearts

Author: John Flavel
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Primary Re Assemblies

Author: Louis Fidge
Editor: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748736454
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Format: PDF, Docs
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This new assembly resource contains all you need for 30 (ten per term) well-planned, ready-to-use primary assemblies.

Knock Knock

Author: Drac Von Stoller
Editor: Drac Von Stoller
ISBN: 1301523321
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Bobby and Susan's parents were going out to a fancy restaurant for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and probably wouldn't be back until midnight. Just before they left the house they told Bobby and Susan, "Under no circumstances are you to answer the door for anyone. Is that understood?" Bobby replied, "Sure thing mom." Their parents closed the door and headed to their dinner date. Bobby said to Susan, "Mom sure does worry about our safety a lot and besides were not dead yet." "Let’s go watch a movie upstairs in the bonus room. I know the perfect movie to watch it's called I know what you did and I saw who you are," said Susan. Susan and Bobby went upstairs to the bonus room and put the movie in the DVD player turned out the lights and sat on the couch together. Then all of a sudden there was a knock on the front door. "Bobby did you hear that?" "Hear what?" replied Bobby. "I could have sworn I heard a knock at the door," exclaimed Susan. The knocking at the door got louder as loud as thunder. "Go check it out or are you scared," said Bobby laughingly. Susan got up from the couch and went down stairs to see who was at the door. After about ten minutes Bobby decided to call out his sisters’ name. "Susan, hurry up! You're missing the movie!" All Bobby heard was total silence. Bobby was getting a little worried that his sister didn't answer back when he called out her name. Bobby slowly walked down the stairs calling out her name. Still getting no response, Bobby went out the back door of the house and ran to his next door neighbors’ house to see if someone would come help him find his sister. Bobby knocked on the neighbors front door and the owner answered and said "Bobby what are you doing out this late at night?" "I was wondering if you could come with me and help me find my sister?" asked Bobby nervously. The owners’ wife said to her husband, "Come here George?" George and Bobby came over to the television set and she said "Isn't that your house Bobby?"

The Midnight Knock On The Door

Author: Elita Koch Witt
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595389759
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Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nightmare In The Limbo Of Halloween

Author: Behzad Almasi
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504934849
File Size: 69,24 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9260

After more than eight years of writing, the authors first book (Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween) was finished. He believes that this book is the essence of eight years of thinking of a teacher who desires the best for all the people in the world. Every sentence and every scene in the story has a special purpose, and the major theme of the story is the worth of life, truth, belief in God, and trust in God.

Somebody S Knocking At My Door

Author: Francis Ray
Editor: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466850736
File Size: 70,68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4415

Kristen Wakefield grew up the privileged, beloved daughter and sister of a wealthy family...yet she felt eclipsed by the achievements of her older brother, Adam, a renowned neurosurgeon. In New Orleans, Kristen believes she now has the opportunity to prove herself and forget a rather disastrous past relationship. But life is much harder than she expected in the Big Easy. Then she meets a man from her past, Rafe Crawford...a man battling his own demons and keeping his own secrets. The beautiful, but down-to-earth Angelique Fleming has always had to fight to get what she wanted in a world dominated by men and she has the chip on her shoulder to prove it. Which is why she takes great pleasure working at a local strip club, hoping to expose a few naughty little secrets of the community's upstanding men. But before she gets all the dirt, she's going to find out a few things about life, men, and forgiveness she thought she already knew. Claudette Thibodeaux Laurent comes from old New Orleans money and had always adhered to the family code: honor above all else. But she shocks polite society when she marries a man much younger than herself, a man everyone suspects is only after her money. Claudette has done her duty to her family and now she wants a little happiness for herself. And yet doubts eventually begin to creep in and she isn't sure which Maurice loves more: her or her money, as his desire for the finer things in life become more and more lavish. Just exactly how much is her happiness is going to cost her? Told with Francis Ray's trademark emotion and passion, Somebody's Knocking at My Door is a powerful story of betrayal and forgiveness, love and healing.

St Nicholas

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The Different Between Life And Death

Author: Jordan Berwick
Editor: Booktango
ISBN: 1468942913
File Size: 65,64 MB
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This story is about a boy that is from the United Kingdom, he ran away to Mexico because he didn’t feel like do his usual life. After the boy life that he had been though he needed a long holiday away from the United Kingdom. His life never came first, it was always other that came before him. He would help everyone’s life because it made him feel better. When he ran away to Mexico he found song very special to him. It was the one that he would always dream about to be with for the rest of his life. This would be a matter until time, for the young wonderful boy to make his move on the dream of his life. It was love at first glance at her for him. This story will take you in to new place that you never been before. This would be like a first time experience for the young boy, love is one the of the greatest power of love at all times. Every time that he is with her, he feels the rush and the power. The young boy and petty girl will change each other lives when they first meet up. They will use their loving feeling to change the way that both live their lives.

The Christian Miscellany And Family Visiter

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When Fear Knocks At The Door

Author: Donell McCollon
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449002269
File Size: 50,78 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1665

This is a short fictional children Christian book, for all ages both young and old. It is meant to captivate young children of all ages, this book is almost a learning tool to help adults teach the young people about God. And life.