Thinking In New Boxes

Autore: Luc De Brabandere
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 0679644369
Grandezza: 38,17 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When BIC, manufacturer of disposable ballpoint pens, wanted to grow, it looked for an idea beyond introducing new sizes and ink colors. Someone suggested lighters. LIGHTERS? With an idea that seemed crazy at first, that bright executive, instead of seeing BIC as a pen company—a business in the PEN “box”—figured out that there was growth to be found in the DISPOSABLE “box.” And he was right. Now there are disposable BIC lighters, razors, even phones. The company opened its door to a host of opportunities. IT INVENTED A NEW BOX. Your business can, too. And simply thinking “out of the box” is not the answer. True ingenuity needs structure, hard analysis, and bold brainstorming. It needs to start THINKING IN NEW BOXES —a revolutionary process for sustainable creativity from two strategic innovation experts from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). To make sense of the world, we all rely on assumptions, on models—on what Luc de Brabandere and Alan Iny call “boxes.” If we are unaware of our boxes, they can blind us to risks and opportunities. This innovative book challenges everything you thought you knew about business creativity by breaking creativity down into five steps: • Doubt everything. Challenge your current perspectives. • Probe the possible. Explore options around you. • Diverge. Generate many new and exciting ideas, even if they seem absurd. • Converge. Evaluate and select the ideas that will drive breakthrough results. • Reevaluate. Relentlessly. No idea is a good idea forever. And did we mention Reevaluate? Relentlessly. Creativity is paramount if you are to thrive in a time of accelerating change. Replete with practical and potent creativity tools, and featuring fascinating case studies from BIC to Ford to Trader Joe’s, Thinking in New Boxes will help you and your company overcome missed opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. This book isn’t a simpleminded checklist. This is Thinking in New Boxes. And it will be fun. (We promise.) Praise for Thinking in New Boxes “Excellent . . . While focusing on business creativity, the principles in this book apply anywhere change is needed and will be of interest to anyone seeking to reinvent herself.”—Blogcritics “Thinking in New Boxes is a five-step guide that leverages the authors’ deep understanding of human nature to enable readers to overcome their limitations and both imagine and create their own futures. This book is a must-read for people living and working in today’s competitive environment.”—Ray O. Johnson, Ph.D., chief technology officer, Lockheed Martin “Thinking In New Boxes discusses what I believe to be one of the fundamental shifts all companies/brands need to be thinking about: how to think creatively, in order to innovate and differentiate our brands. We need to thrive and lead in a world of accelerating change and this book challenges us to even greater creativity in our thinking. One of the best business books I’ve read in a long time.”—Jennifer Fox, CEO, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts “As impressive as teaching new tricks to old dogs, Thinking in New Boxes is both inspirational and practical—a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to sharpening one’s wits in order to harness creativity in the workplace.”—Peter Gelb, general manager, Metropolitan Opera From the Hardcover edition.

Thinking In Boxes

Autore: Markus Krajewski
Editore: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262328003
Grandezza: 49,74 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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This BIT chronicles the history of the predigital "scholar's machine": a box of paper slips that acted both as memory aid and text generator. In it, Markus Krajewski describes the scholar's box as a form of data protection, tracing its genealogy beginning with peculiar excerption techniques of early nineteenth century scholars.

Full Spectrum Thinking

Autore: Bob Johansen
Editore: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1523087528
Grandezza: 32,17 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Leading futurist Bob Johansen shows how a new way of thinking, enhanced by new technologies, will help leaders break free of limiting labels and see new gradients of possibility in a chaotic world. The future will get even more perplexing over the next decade, and we are not ready. The dilemma is that we're restricted by rigid categorical thinking that freezes people and organizations in neatly defined boxes that often are inaccurate or obsolete. Categories lead us toward certainty but away from clarity, and categorical thinking moves us away from understanding the bigger picture. Sticking with this old way of thinking and seeing isn't just foolish, it's dangerous. Full-spectrum thinking is the ability to seek patterns and clarity outside, across, beyond, or maybe even without any boxes or categories while resisting false certainty and simplistic binary choices. It reveals our commonalities that are hidden in plain view. Bob Johansen lays out the core concepts of full-spectrum thinking and reveals the role that digital media—including gameful engagement, big-data analytics, visualization, blockchain, and machine learning—will play in facilitating and enhancing it. He offers examples of broader spectrums and new applications in a wide range of areas that will become possible first, then mandatory. This visionary book provides powerful ways to make sense of new opportunities and see the world as it really is.

Think Outside The Box

Autore: Justine Avery
ISBN: 9781948124584
Grandezza: 55,92 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3603

Now Available to Pre-Order Ships July 14th A fun, unique journey of what it means to "think outside the box," applying creativity to daily life, illustrated in photographs of 3D paper cutout scenes. Truly "out of the box!"

Own The Future

Autore: Michael S. Deimler
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118651766
Grandezza: 57,17 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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The world faces social, political, and economic turmoil on an unprecedented scale—along with unsettling levels of turbulence and volatility. Market leadership today is less of a predictor of leadership tomorrow. Therefore, senior executives today must strive to own the future. In Own the Future, The Boston Consulting Group, one of the world’s most prestigious and innovative management consulting firms, offers a roadmap. Drawing on the firm’s experience advising organizations on how to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, this book offers 50 ideas to help readers chart their organization’s path to future leadership. The articles are organized along ten attributes critical to success in the current environment—adaptive, global, connected, sustainable, customer-first, fit to win, value-driven, trusted, bold, and inspiring. The future may be unknowable, but The Boston Consulting Group offers insights from its 50 years of practice on how readers can position their organization to win—to change the game and to own the future.

Think Inside The Box

Autore: Tim Nelson
Editore: Wcg Press
ISBN: 9780989250306
Grandezza: 24,20 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 6478

Think Inside the Box maps a regimen to discover and revitalize the exceptional business that exists inside your current organization. Businesses add complication and complexity as they grow. Winners and losers exist side by side in product catalogs and among customers. Sorting through the noise to focus on the core and eliminate the wasteful is a constant management challenge. The methods and tools in this book are the same ones used by consultants and private equity investors. Think Inside the Box walks you through the process step-by-step. You have the data and you have the tools; we provide the map and the directions. The regimen detailed in Think Inside the Box: Is data driven, using data readily available in the organization. Relies on the well-established 80/20 rule to direct focus and attention. Anchors analysis in the fundamental elements of any organization; products and services and the customers who use them. Demands no rare or unusual skills, techniques, or technology. Adapts simply to new data as it becomes available. Has a proven track record; applied to over 850 businesses acquired and integrated in one Fortune 150 company, ITW, which has consistently produced superior results. Think Inside the Box doesn't stop with analysis. It takes you from insight through execution. It shows you how to identify your most profitable products and customers. It walks you through how to combine those two lists to map your business into four boxes: The Core, Supporting Products, Benefactor Customers, and The Residual. Next, we show you how to take the resulting Quad Map and unearth the treasures locked inside each box. We demonstrate how, when, and where to apply over twenty distinct improvement tools and techniques including: Product Line Simplification Visual Production Kanban Inventory Management Dedicated Equipment One-at-a-time Manufacturing Value Stream Analysis In the final section, we detail the project management, program management, and organizational change management tasks and challenges you will face in taking advantage of the multiple opportunities that will create using the Quad Map and Tool Kit. Finally, we discuss how to embed the process and the tools into the ongoing operations of your business. The result is a business built to adapt to change. Organizations that have followed this process and used the tools and techniques systematically have seen sustained improvements such as: Eliminating 25% of catalog items without reducing total gross margin Increasing on-time deliveries to over 97% by instituting Kanban inventory management Reducing suppliers from over 200 to 40 Increasing revenue per employee from $137,000 to over $425,000 Improving operating income from 4% to over 28%

Independent Reading Inside The Box

Editore: Pembroke Publishers Limited
ISBN: 1551387964
Grandezza: 32,62 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 6276

Thinking About Art

Autore: Susan Hiller
Editore: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719045646
Grandezza: 19,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2181

Collected talks, lectures, and conversations spanning 1975-1995.

Beginning Html Xhtml Css And Javascript

Autore: Jon Duckett
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118057325
Grandezza: 61,34 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 853

An indispensable introductory guide to creating web pages using the most up-to-date standards This beginner guide shows you how to use XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create compelling Web sites. While learning these technologies, you will discover coding practices such as writing code that works on multiple browsers including mobile devices, how to use AJAX frameworks to add interactivity to your pages, and how to ensure your pages meet accessible requirements. Packed with real-world examples, the book not only teaches you how to write Web sites using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, but it also teaches you design principles that help you create attractive web sites and practical advice on how to make web pages more usable. In addition, special checklists and appendices review key topics and provide helpful references that re-enforce the basics you've learned. Serves as an ideal beginners guide to writing web pages using XHTML Explains how to use CSS to make pages more appealing and add interactivity to pages using JavaScript and AJAX frameworks Share advice on design principles and how to make pages more attractive and offers practical help with usability and accessibility Features checklists and appendices that review key topics This introductory guide is essential reading for getting started with using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to create exciting and compelling Web sites. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

The Intuitive Sources Of Probabilistic Thinking In Children

Autore: H. Fischbein
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401018588
Grandezza: 49,20 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 2288

About a year ago I promised my friend Fischbein a preface to his book of which I knew the French manuscript. Now with the printer's proofs under my eyes I like the book even better than I did then, because of, and influenced by, new experiences in the meantime, and fresh thoughts that crossed my mind. Have I been influenced by what I remembered from the manuscript? If so, it must have happened unconsciously. But of course, what struck me in this work a year ago, struck a responsive chord in my own mind. In the past, mathematics teaching theory has strongly been influenced by a view on mathematics as a heap of concepts, and on learning mathematics as concepts attainment. Mathematics teaching practice has been jeopardised by this theoretical approach, which in its most dangerous form expresses itself as a radical atomism. To concepts attainment Fischbein opposes acquisition of intuitions. In my own publications I avoided the word "intuition" because of the variety of its meanings across languages. For some time I have used the term "constitution of mathematical objects", which I think means the same as Fischbein's "acquisition of intuitions" - indeed as I view it, constituting a mental object precedes its conceptualising, and under this viewpoint I tried to observe mathematical activities of young children.

The Forgotten Half Of Change

Autore: Luc de Brabandere
Editore: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1682307565
Grandezza: 11,70 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 6646

Best-selling author of Thinking in New Boxes and Fellow in a $5 billion international consulting firm, BCG, Luc de Brabandere shares the secrets to change that are not just vital to businesses, but life itself. Throughout history, human beings have adapted to improve their lives and shape the world as we know it. But as the world changes, so must our perception of it—even what we create. Using approachable, witty, and engaging examples from philosophy, science, technology and linguistics, Luc de Brabandere explores the dangers, both in business and in life, of relying on habit and repetition. Behaviors that work for us one day may not the next. To truly move forward, we must not just embrace what works, but constantly explore what could work better. This constant exploration is what drives change, inspires creativity, and fosters dynamic strategy in all facets of life, especially business, where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking has led and will lead to humankind’s greatest tomorrows. Both a clever and eye-opening guide and an invaluable vault of knowledge, The Forgotten Half of Change provides tools for strategic management that adapt to the test of time.

Functional Thinking For Value Creation

Autore: Jürgen Hesselbach
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642196898
Grandezza: 58,89 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 8433

After the IPS2 conferences in Cranfield and Linköping in 2009 and 2010 the 3rd CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product Service Systems (IPS2) 2011 takes place in Braunschweig, Germany. IPS2 itself is defined as “an integrated industrial product and service offering that delivers value in use”. The customers expect comprehensive solutions, which are adapted to their individual needs. IPS2 offers the possibility to stand out from competition and for long-term customer loyalty. Particularly in times of economic crisis it becomes apparent which producing companies understand to satisfy the needs and requirements of their customers. Especially in this relatively new domain IPS2 it will be important to keep track of the whole context and to seek cooperation with other research fields and disciplines. The 3rd CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product Service Systems (IPS2) 2011 serves as a platform for such collaborations and the discussion of new scientific ideas.

Developing Thinking In Algebra

Autore: John Mason
Editore: SAGE
ISBN: 9781412911719
Grandezza: 67,22 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 8651

By integrating pedagogy and subject knowledge through experiencing a variety of tasks for learners, this book makes it possible for all learners to succeed in thinking algebraically.

100 Skill Building Lessons Using 10 Favorite Books

Autore: Susan Lunsford
Editore: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780439205795
Grandezza: 16,61 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 374

Teacher Susan Lunsford shares her best book-based lessons in every subject area. Launch a measurement lesson with Amy Hest’s The Purple Coat, discuss spelling strategies with Marc Brown’s Arthur’s Teacher Trouble , explore multiplication with Tomie dePaola’s The Art Lesson, and much more! Your students will love the connection to their favorite books—and you’ll love meeting standards while fostering a love of literature. For use with Grades 1-3.

New Adult Ebook Box Set

Autore: Jody Gehrman
Editore: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460328221
Grandezza: 65,10 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4062

Smoldering corporate bad boy. Hot British DJ. Irresistible secret boyfriend. Dark-eyed guitar player. Join authors Amanda Hill, Sarah Tucker, Tyne O'Connell and Jody Gehrman on four rollercoaster rides from London to L.A. and from wrong to oh-so-right. LOVE LIKE THAT by Amanda Hill Handsome, charming Roman is everything Dalton Moss has always wanted—but surly, moody Jeremy is the one she can't stop thinking about. Engaged to one man, magnetically drawn to the other…can Dalton figure out her feelings before she loses them both? THE LAST YEAR OF BEING SINGLE by Sarah Tucker Sarah Giles has the perfect fiancé and the perfect life—until an innocent office flirtation escalates into an erotic obsession. Torn between two men, Sarah writes a scandalously honest diary of one life-changing year, and faces the challenge of writing her own happy ending…. THE SEX WAS GREAT BUT… by Tyne O'Connell Holly Klein is an A-list celebrity with an army of assistants. Leo Monroe is a hotshot DJ from the streets. Scorching, top-secret sex is one thing...but can a Hollywood star and a struggling musician ever seriously work as a couple? SUMMER IN THE LAND OF SKIN by Jody Gehrman All Anna wants is to uncover long-buried family secrets so she can move on with her life. Then she gets tangled up with Arlan, a sinfully attractive guitar player—and over the course of an unforgettable summer, she'll discover that the only way to get free of her past is to embrace it.

Thinking And Learning With Ict

Autore: Lyn Dawes
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 113440736X
Grandezza: 37,52 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 917

Primary teachers need to incorporate the use of computers in their daily lesson plans, but how can this be done most effectively to promote learning skills in the classroom? In this fascinating book, Lyn Dawes and Rupert Wegerif outline a strategy for enhancing the effectiveness of computers for teaching and learning with an emphasis on: * raising pupil achievement in the core subject areas * developing collaborative learning in small groups * using group discussions as a way of improving general communication, as well as thinking and reasoning skills. The approach is to use computers as a support for collaborative learning in small groups and this book presents ways to prepare pupils for talking, learning and thinking together around computers. Excerpts from pupils' discussions illustrate the main issues and guidance on lesson planning and developing and choosing appropriate software is also provided. Thinking and Learning with ICT will be a valuable resource for primary teachers and student teachers.

Bubbles Boxes And Individual Freedom

Autore: Clay Barham & Diana Barham
Editore: Author House
ISBN: 1449058310
Grandezza: 15,44 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3234

This book is about the thinking and courage to do what needs doing to innovate and build prosperity. It is a book about the benefits of individual freedom. Schools teach children to color, write and print between the lines, observe the rules, wrap their minds in a bubble of disciplines to discourage living out of a community box. Children learn to behave as members of a managed herd, avoiding challenging that which is accepted and established by tradition. In art, however, unusual, deviant, almost outlaw behavior is admired. Artists existing outside the limits of the herd can even improve the herd. American innovators are artists causing prosperity from their thinking, acting, creating and inventive minds changing things for the better. Americans left the Old World limitations behind, where thinking and acting out of the box was discouraged, creating a New World almost 400 years ago. They proved individual freedom and creative elbowroom was the only source of prosperity, which explains American exceptionalism and what this book is all about.

Operations And Algebraic Thinking Leveled Problems Solving With Equal Groups

Autore: Linda Dacey, Ed.D.
Editore: Teacher Created Materials
ISBN: 1480785814
Grandezza: 39,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 6401

Differentiate problem solving in your classroom using effective, research-based strategies. This lesson requires students to use equal groups to solve multistep problems. The problem-solving mini-lesson guides teachers in how to teach differentiated lessons. The student activity sheet features a problem tiered at three levels.

Harvard Business Review

Grandezza: 54,80 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1547

Blowing The Lid Off The God Box

Autore: Anne Robertson
Editore: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9780819221780
Grandezza: 63,27 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 6136

What's in your God-box? Each of us, says author Anne Robertson, builds our own way of understanding God-our God-box-- and fills it up with bits of scripture, wisdom, and our experiences of God at work in our lives. It's a perfectly good way to puzzle out what God means to us. Encountering God through our human limitations, we learn something about the meaning of Incarnation. But to say that our experience of God is the only valid one is to put a lid on the box and create an idol. This book is about examining our God-boxes and bursting them wide open. Blowing the Lid Off the God-Box starts with the ministry of Jesus - who blew the lid off everyone's God-box by constantly challenging his followers with the unexpected. Subsequent chapters examine the God-boxes we create with scripture, worship, and political and social agendas.