Thrill Of The Rookie

Author: Osaze Ehigiator
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477237429
Size: 19,16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the Mid 80's Nigeria was politically unstable. The country was ruled by military dictatorship whose leaders came into power as a result of incessant coup de tat. There was always one coup after another and the military rulers were clueless on how to advance the country politically or economically. They were all reasoning through their butt holes and the barrel of a gun- two dangerous combinations. As a result, basic human right was virtually not in their agenda and they maintained power by any means necessary. Corruption was and still a part of official government policy; therefore development was at a standstill. The Country's police force was a part of the problem rather than being the solution. The United States became a viable option for me if I was to escape the oppression and degradation that became a way of life in Nigeria. I arrived in the United States with less than $400 dollars in my pocket in the summer of 1985. Although I had an admission to a State university, I did not have enough money for room and board. I did not have any friend or relative willing to take me in or pick me up from the Houston International airport. I was virtually homeless for the first couple of days in a new country until I found my way to Edinburg, a valley city in east Texas close to the Mexican border. There I had a temporary accommodation only for a couple of weeks. This book tells a story about beating the odds in spite of all adversities. It tells of how anyone can reach their goals in the United States if they apply themselves and stay out of trouble. It also let people know that it will not be an easy walk, because one has to be elastic or break in the proces. Secondly that there is a separate country inside the United States run by the pimps, homeless and the outlaw. These people are referred to as elements of the fifth ward society. They live and operate under a different set of rules called the "Eleventh Commandment". This is a book unlike any others before it. It is an autobiography with a twist to it. Instead of concentrating on me and my experience, lots of focus is placed on taking you trough the entire journey I have been trough and let you experience these things on your own without physically going through them. You get the full benefits of the experiments without actually been used as a specimen. You enjoy the thrills, humors and treats without feeling any of the pains or face the challenges. The book is an adventure in a comic planet, full of excitements, challenges and humors.

Thrill Of The Chase

Author: Christina Crooks
Editor: Christina Crooks
Size: 11,20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sarah's a whiz at tuning engines and winning races. Winning Craig, the local drag race hero, proves more difficult. He only has eyes for gorgeous women who are hot in the sack, not grubby tomboys. Sarah’s world gets an overhaul when her father hires Gordon. Soon she’s torn not only between two men she wants, but between the drag race winner she is and the woman she feels pressured to become. Reviews Sarah Matell isn't a run-of-the-mill romance heroine. She works as a technician in her father's California automotive speed shop, dresses and acts like a guy, and lives for drag racing. Anything female, from makeup to chick flicks, is an anathema to her. Sarah's one concession is her years-long crush on a fellow race-car driver, Craig Keller. Although they are only good friends, she fantasizes that one day she'll outrace him and he'll magically look at her as the love of his life. Meanwhile, Sarah is the apple of her father's eye, but things change when he hires Gordon Devine. Gordon has big plans, and he and Sarah do not get along. Despite the friction, Gordon asks Sarah to drive a prototype he's developed. She'll do anything to win, and soon everything begins to spiral out of control. Impulsive and spoiled, Sarah is both enjoyable and annoying, and readers will sympathize with Gordon in this atypical, up-to-the-minute contemporary romance. -- Maria Hatton -- Booklist Review, October 1, 2007 "When I got to the end of Thrill of the Chase, I wanted more. I wasn't ready to let go of Sarah and her world." - The Book Vixen "There is some great racing action and great character-development on the part of the three main characters. It was really a joy to watch develop." - Crystal, My Reading Room "Thrill of the Chase is a high octane ride that will throw you for a loop." - J. Thomas, The Long and the Short Of It Reviews "Let me tell you now that the fun is in the Thrill of the Chase." - Lil, Love Romances and More

The Origins And History Of The All American Girls Professional Baseball League

Author: Merrie A. Fidler
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476604282
Size: 19,74 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 984

This in-depth treatment of the organization and operation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League draws on primary documents from league owner Arthur Meyerhoff and others for a unique perspective inside the AAGPBL. The study begins with a brief history of women’s softball, an important precursor to, and talent pool for, women’s professional baseball. Next the book investigates league administration and organization as well as publicity and promotion. Later chapters cover team administrative structures, managers, chaperones, player backgrounds, and league policies. Finally, discussion focuses on the activities of the AAGPBL Players’ Association from 1980 onward. Informed by many years of research and insights from former players, this exhaustive history contains 149 photographs.

I Found My Thrill On Parliament Hill

Author: Nicole Chénier-Cullen
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440179409
Size: 14,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 263

The Honourable Jack Sydney George just-call-me-Bud Cullen defied all odds when he was elected Sarnia's Member of Parliament during the head-spinning days of Trudeaumania. Candid and outspoken, Cullen was never one to shy away from controversy. Just as he spoke openly about the difficult issues surrounding his ministerial responsibilities, he never hid the fact that he and his chief of staff had fallen in love. This memoir, written after Cullen's death by his chief of staff who became his partner and wife of thirty years, is unusually poignant and revealing. Nicole Chénier-Cullen's discussions of the critical issues that the minister tackled, such as new immigration legislation, dealing with Quebec's first separatist government, and the tragedy of the Vietnamese refugees, uncover a behind-the-scenes perspective never before known. Her humorous, straightforward account of life in a minister's office is most refreshing. Her honest, thoughtful discourse on how the couple survived what could have been a scandalous relationship adds a revealing dimension to the story, as does her portrayal of Cullen's transition from politician to Federal Court judge. Finally, the author's heart-wrenching account of her husband's final years, and how the family coped with the ravages of Lewy Body, an Alzheimer's related disease, packs a real emotional punch.

Smile Of The Viper

Author: Harry Dunn
Editor: Caffeine Nights Publishing
ISBN: 1907565256
Size: 11,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 152

London private investigator Jack Barclay is on the trail of financier Tom Stanton, who has disappeared with £1 million of clients' money, leaving his desperate wife and children behind. Stanton's Parisian mistress, Danielle, is also involved with the boss of a drug smuggling cartel, and Stanton is seduced into laundering money for them. When £4 million of drugs cash goes missing and Tom is the suspect, he and Danielle go on the run. The stakes are raised with the kidnapping of Stanton's daughter, and Jack finds himself in a race to find Stanton before the mob does. As he hunts Stanton down, Jack uncovers a nightmare world of torture, betrayal, and murder, putting his own life in danger. Jack quickly realizes those who enter the netherworld of the Russian mafia may not get out alive.

Rookie In Love

Author: Sarah White
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460336232
Size: 14,88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 585

He's beneath her… And that's exactly where she wants him, like she's never wanted anything—or anyone—before. Madeline's been a good girl all her life. Since the loss of her mother she's been willing to be guided by her father and brothers. Now, in her last year of college, she's found Jackson. He makes her feel…everything. More aware. Exquisitely sensitive. Reckless with need. But Jackson's a football star with a reputation…can he give her the life her family wants for her?

Dark Moonlighting

Author: Scott Haworth
Editor: Scott Haworth
Size: 10,17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nick Whittier, having been alive for six centuries, has had plenty of time to master three professions. In a typical week he works as a police officer, lawyer and doctor and still finds time to murder someone and drink their blood. He used to feel guilty about the killings, but now he restricts himself to only eating the worst members of society. Few people in Starside, Illinois seem to care about the untimely deaths of spam e-mailers, pushy Jehovah Witnesses and politicians. However, the barriers between Nick's three secret lives start to crumble when a mysterious man from his past arrives in town seeking revenge. Nick must move quickly to prevent the three women in his life, and the authorities who are hunting him, from discovering his terrible secret. Dark Moonlighting is the first book in the humorous series. It explores four of the biggest clichés in popular culture, and it pokes fun at a number of popular television shows including Law & Order, Bones and House. It also takes a more realistic and amusing approach to the vampire cliché. For example, the average human has the equivalent of five Big Gulps worth of blood in their body. Nick takes twenty minutes to kill someone and, like the vampire bat, must immediately urinate afterwards. The Dark Moonlighting Series: Dark Moonlighting Dark Moonlighting 2: Kruse Control Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard Dark Moonlighting 4: The One with the Whales Dark Moonlighting 5: Electric Dark Moonlightingaloo Keywords: vampires, american, satire, humor, werewolves, supernatural, dark comedy, funny, comedy, paranormal

Forward Progress

Author: Todd Skaggs
ISBN: 0578061635
Size: 20,72 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 848

Who else wants to get noticed, move up and improve your football officiating? Forward Progress delivers proven methods from top college and pro football officials on how to get to the top of this avocation.

Out From The Shadow

Author: Maurice A. Butler
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479708313
Size: 13,51 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 456

This is a story about a man who came from humble beginnings and ended up at the crest of power in Washington and Moscow. The story takes us into the depths of a racially segregated South to the desperate streets of New York City where criminals and crime fighters fought for control and to an America reeling from the assassination of its political leaders. It is the story of the growth of America. It is the story of a man who kept scaling seemingly insurmountable walls as he fought for justice. This is the story of Charles LeRoy Gittens.