Too Close Too Soon

Author: Jim A. Talley
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781542603164
Size: 19,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 652

The excitement of dating can truly be intoxicating but it could lead right down a path where God warns not to go - SEX before marriage. Before you now it, the "heat" gets turned up and you cross the line ... you go too far. Often what follows in the relationship is a tumbling downward spiral, leaving broken hearts and destroyed relationships in its wake - the desperate search for intimacy ultimately resulting in loneliness, rejection, and heartache. In Too Close Too Soon, authors Dr. Jim A. Talley and Dr. Bobbie Reed show you step-by-step how to control the progress of a dating relationship, to keep it within the boundaries established by God and avoid the heartaches that result when you don't. Too Close Too Soon gives practical guidance on how to control the time you spend alone together and helps you to determine where to draw that line you just won't cross. It will also enable you to understand why, even though you have the choice to become sexually active, God says don't. This book is for people you care enough about themselves and their dating relationships to try and do it right the first time around.

Why Cops Die And How To Prevent It

Author: Gerald W. Garner
Editor: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398092036
Size: 12,15 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 305

This book provides time- and experience-proven advice for responding safely and effectively to threats to a law enforcement officerfs safety. It relies on law enforcementfs bloody history to reveal what has gone wrong for a very long time — and how to fix it so that no more cops die needlessly. This book identifies the cop killers and the fatal errors that cops make, and it explores how these incidents happen and why. Most important of all, the book goes into detail about how to prevent these terminal errors and furnishes to-the-point advice for avoiding them. These tactics and techniques work. It offers the same common sense advice that solid patrol sergeants have been sharing with their briefing room charges for a long while. It has been assembled by a police chief who spent 15 years as a sergeant. WHY COPS DIE can be used in a lot of ways, all of them useful for drastically reducing the number of officers who die on the job every year. It should be issued to every law enforcement academy recruit. It is aimed across the spectrum of the law enforcement organization from the rookie to the first-line supervisor to the command staff. Chiefs and sheriffs will find it of value, as will those directly responsible for the training of law enforcement officers. By applying practical, potentially lifesaving advice to their daily duties law enforcementfs first-line practitioners can sharply reduce the number of peacekeepers who die or are maimed in the future. That effort begins here.

The Sociopath S Guide To Scamming The System

Author: Danee' Shade
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493113410
Size: 11,90 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 628

The Sociopaths Guide to Scamming the System Finally the why and how a sociopath spousal abusers game works. There are two versions of this amazingly daring book. The shorter all-color page picture book version, which is the FIRST DRAFT COLLECTORS EDITION, and the black and white interior design, that is a longer slightly more information comprehensive version of the same material. Victims are encouraged to purchase the longer less costly black and white interior edition. What is The Sociopaths Guide to Scamming the System all about? It is about how they do it, why they do it and how they manage to actually get away with it. This book describes how these predators get away with all of it including manipulating the police, medical professionals, psychiatric professionals and other s. In such maneuvers the in-home or spousal sociopath predator can extend his/her reach of abusive power and control. This at times snarky or sarcastically presented book is written as a warning guideline for victims of what are oftentimes the worst types of sociopath/sociopath-type con artists. The primary focus of The Sociopath’s Guide to Scamming the System is the methods and agendas of the in-home or alleged family person type of sociopath predator. This book is not actually meant to be utilized as a How-To-Do guide for abusive individuals or con men. The methods described in this book may or may not always work without a hitch. Variables exist, including but not limited to the following: Variables in the adult victim of the abuse, age and sophistication level of any child or children involved (i.e. children used by the abuser as pawns), intelligence or lack thereof of any police, social workers, welfare department workers and others involved in any particular case. In creating this book this writer interviewed numerous other victims in careful analysis of their stories. When others were interviewed a certain level of proof of their reasonable innocence was required as well as consistency in their behaviors as well as clarity in their stories through a time period deemed sufficient to weed out overt liars. It is sincerely hoped that the existence of this book will in the end reduce the success rate of the methods of dishonorable conduct described herein. It is further hoped that in reading this book support persons for victims and victims themselves will receive a desperately needed heads-up warning otherwise not clearly available. Readers as you proceed through these pages please use your imaginations to consider other similar directions, variations, methods and/or allegations a sociopath/sociopath type person can use to gain the same result(s). Names of individuals in all of this author´s books are fictitious names. Real names are not revealed. By Danee’ Shade

Always Too Soon

Author: Allison Gilbert
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 078675091X
Size: 10,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 976

While the death of a parent is always painful, losing both is life-altering. When author Allison Gilbert lost both parents at age 32, she could not find any books that spoke to her with the same level of compassion and reassurance that she found in the support group she belonged to, so she decided to write one of her own. The result is a sensitive and candid portrayal of loss that brings together experiences from famous and ordinary grief-stricken sons and daughters that explores the regrets, heartache and sometimes, relief, that accompanies pain and healing. Always Too Soon provides a range of intimate conversations with those — famous and not — who have lost both parents, providing readers with a source of comfort and inspiration as they learn to negotiate their new place in the world. Contributors include Hope Edelman, Geraldine Ferraro, Dennis Franz, Barbara Ehrenreich, Yogi Berra, Rosanne Cash, and Ice-T, as well as those who lost parents to the Oklahoma City bombing, the World Trade Center bombings, drunk driving, and more.

6 Practical Tips For Closing Automotive Sales

Author: Tom Hopkins
Editor: Made For Success Publishing
ISBN: 1613396872
Size: 17,53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 684

Having a well-trained sales team is like having insurance for your advertising dollars. Your marketing efforts capture the attention of buyers. The sales team converts those efforts into closed sales and satisfied clients. They are where the rubber truly meets the road in the auto industry. Implement the six tips in this e-book and watch as the confidence level of your team increases right along with your revenues. A few of the areas covered in this e-book include: • How to plan activities that lead to productivity. • Ways to help potential buyers like you, trust you and listen to your advice in answer to their vehicle needs. • Questions to ask to determine quickly if buyers are qualified or just dreamers. • How to move from the presentation to having closed sales.

Summary How To Master The Art Of Selling

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Editor: Primento
ISBN: 2806246903
Size: 20,75 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 517

The must-read summary of Tom Hopkins' book "How to Master the Art of Selling: The Best Book Ever Written on Selling & Salesmanship”. This complete summary of the ideas from Tom Hopkins' book "How To Master The Art of Selling" exposes how the best salesmen employ skills that can be easily understood, learned and applied. Examining every stage of sales and selling, from sales calls to initial meetings, follow-ups and long-term strategies, this useful summary provides you with the tools needed to improve your own sales skills. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your sales skills To learn more, read "How to Master The Art of Selling" and discover how to use your creativity to control your profitability.

The Perfect Hire

Author: Katherine Graham-Leviss
Editor: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613081200
Size: 14,93 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 395

How many sales candidates have you hired for their technical skills only to fire for their bad attitude? How many experienced sales hires have you had to let go for poor on-the-job performance? Whether you’ve experienced such scenarios or you hope to avoid them, the takeaway is simple—the perfect hire requires more than technical skills and experience. Sales strategist Kathi Graham-Leviss invites you to stop the revolving door of sales hires and arms you with the critical steps to choosing the perfect hire—every time. Utilizing proven best practices—revealed from the latest research in sales performance drivers—learn how to assess soft skills, problem solving abilities, and behavioral attributes, in addition to technical know-how, to select candidates who are well matched for the job, not just well qualified. Uncover the secrets to creating a successful hiring methodology that enables you to: • Attract quality candidates • Screen for high performers • Predict on-the-job success • Select the perfect hire • Increase productivity • Reduce turnover • Increase Profits Be it time, money, opportunities lost—the cost of finding and hiring a new sales employee is significant. Stop spending on poor prospects and start profiting with the perfect hire!

In Too Close

Author: Katherine Garbera
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460341740
Size: 15,12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 853

Friends with benefits… The Deal: Elizabeth Anders and best friend Bradley Hunt made a pact—if they were both single at thirty, they would add a "naughty benefits" package to their friendship. Now it's time to seal the deal…and it's going to involve much more than just a kiss! The Dilemma: Elizabeth is all about The Career. No relationships, no complications. Still, the chance to indulge in the barely controlled lust between her and Bradley is more than she can resist. But Bradley has an agenda of his own… The moment they touch, years of longing explode into a tempest of desire. And if they're not careful, this "benefits" package will be the ultimate deal-breaker.

Too Soon For Flowers

Author: Margaret Miles
Editor: Bantam
ISBN: 0307759253
Size: 18,79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 806

Lust, deceit, and murder bloom in old New England.... Spring, 1764. While the specter of smallpox stalks colonial Boston, much of the city seeks refuge in the burgeoning countryside. Restful, bucolic Bracebridge is one such haven, and young widow Charlotte Willett and her neighbor Richard Longfellow, scientist and gentleman farmer, host a handful of guests undergoing the generally accepted procedure of inoculation. Yet shortly after the quarantine begins, one of the patients is found dead and Charlotte and Richard are thrust into a whirl of rumor, conjecture, and fear. What, if not smallpox, caused the patient's untimely demise? Has the distraught physician in charge something to conceal? And who might have risked contagion to commit murder? Before these questions can be answered, another shocking death occurs. Now, as some superstitious townsfolk blame both the Pox and the Devil, Charlotte and Richard are determined to follow logic and reason to the all too human source of the problem. But can they arrive at the truth before another victim is claimed?

Learning To Fulfill The Needs Of Your Self

Author: Faith H. Charles Ph D
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477162100
Size: 12,51 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 608

An interesting and valuable tool to assess the significance of a complex of psychosocial factors affecting the mental and physical health of us all. Its an innovative idea and deserves exposure. Eric Fine, MD Dr. Charles has an amazing ability to make a difficult concept easily understood. Justin Parr, MD She presents a natural and practical way to fulfill your needs and bring harmony to your life. Edward Pratowski, author of Writing for the Deep People