Herbal And Traditional Medicine

Author: Lester Packer
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824752082
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Responding to the increased popularity of herbal medicines and other forms of complementary or alternative medicine in countries around the world, this reference reviews and evaluates various safety, toxicity, and quality-control issues related to the use of traditional and herbal products for health maintenance and disease prevention and treatment. With over 3,550 current references, the book highlights the role of herbal medicine in national health care while providing case studies of widely used herbal remedies and their effects on human health and wellness and the need for the design and performance of methodologically sound clinical trials for the plethora of herbal medicines.

Medicinal Plants And Traditional Medicine In Africa

Author: Abayomi Sofowora
ISBN: 9780471902447
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Urhobo Traditional Medicine

Author: John Oroshejede Ubrurhe
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Medicinal Plants And Traditional Medicine In Sierra Leone

Author: Cyrus Macfoy
Editor: iUniverse
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Medicinal plants and traditional medical practices from Sierra Leone in West Africa have much to offer the rest of the world. Dr. Cyrus MacFoy, an experienced researcher and scientific consultant, highlights more than two hundred plants used to cure more than one hundred diseases and illnesses in this informational guide. He provides the plant location, their botanical and local names, English common names, and the ways they are used to treat and cure ailments and diseases. He also includes • findings regarding the conservation, sustainable use, and development of new drugs; • ways to incorporate different techniques into the health care delivery system; and • chemical analyses and biological activity testing of plant species. Discover how Africa’s traditional healers play a critical role in treating diseases such as HIV and AIDS. In developing countries with poor infrastructure, these healers are located in nearly every rural village setting as well as in the busy urban areas. While underappreciated, they may play a key role in solving the continent’s diverse health problems.

African Traditional Medicine

Editor: Author House
ISBN: 1467000132
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AFRICAN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE AMONG SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS: ? Revealed that African traditional medicine could be used in the explicable or inexplicable form. ? Examined the veracity of the claim that the practice and use of African traditional medicine amounted to idolatry, ? Identified the patterns and extent of the practice and use of traditional medicine among the Seventh-day Adventists in particular and Christians in general, ? Analyzed the social, economic and spiritual impacts of the practice and use of traditional medicine on Seventh-day Adventists and other Christians. ? Discussed the interplay between African traditional medical practices and Western medical practices in the health care delivery system of the Seventh-day Adventists. ? Discovered that Seventh-day Adventists use the explicable form of African traditional medicine to meet their health needs because it was affordable, available and effective to meet their health needs. ? Demonstrated that using the explicable form of African traditional medicine to meet the health needs of Seventh-day Adventists is supported by the Bible and Ellen G. White, who said among other things that: God has caused to grow out of the ground, herbs for the use of man, and if we understand the nature of these roots and herbs, and make a right use of them, there would not be a necessity of running to the doctor so frequently, and people would be in much better health than they are today. (Selected Messages, bk. 2, pp. 297-298)

Traditional Medicine Of The Marshall Islands

Author: Irene J. Taafaki
Editor: [email protected]
ISBN: 9789820203785
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Traditional Medicine

Author: Steven B. Kayne
ISBN: 9780853698333
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"The World Health Organization has acknowledged that the majority of people living in developing countries continue to use traditional medicine. Increased levels of immigration and migration also mean that health professionals are more likely to come into contact with patients using them. Traditional Medicine is therefore a vital and timely book which covers medical systems practised on five continents, including: traditional European folk medicine; Aboriginal/traditional medicine in North America; traditional medicine in the Colombian Amazon Tropical forest; traditional medical practice in Africa; traditional Chinese medicine; Indian Ayurvedic medicine; Japanese Kampo medicine; Korean medicine; traditional medicines in the Pacific; and traditional Jewish medicine."--Publisher's description.

Modern And Traditional Medicine

Author: Umar Faruk Adamu
Editor: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9788431135
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In Nigeria, for quite a long time, many medical scholars have advocated that attention should be given to traditional medicine as an alternative or complementary system of medicine for example, in the early 60is, Prof. Adeoye Lambo, saw the need to integrate some aspects of traditional medicine into the country's health care system. Despite the growing interest in traditional medicine as an integral part of health care delivery, the bulk of it still remain unregulated. This observation may account for the contempt and distrust existing between the traditional healers and their orthodox counterparts, with each group claiming supremacy and relevance over the other. In Nigeria modern medicine continues to remain costly, heavily bureaucratised and elitist-oriented with large parts of the populace continuing to visit traditional clinics and healing homes in order to find succour and solace in the hands of the uncurbed and poorly regulated traditional healers. It is the view of the author of this book that some form of regulation between the two systems is necessary, to begin the debate the following questions are addressed here: What constitutes traditional or modern medicine? What are the criticisms against them and how are they refuted? How do you identify the beneficial, neutral, harmless and harmful aspects of the practice of indigenous medicine? What aspects of these, should or should not be integrated? What are the modifications the orthodox practitioner has to make? What are the problems and prospects of integration?

Traditional Medicine In Papua New Guinea

Author: Prem P. Rai
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Legal Status Of Traditional Medicine And Complementary Alternative Medicine

Author: World Health Organization
Editor: Who
ISBN: 9789241545488
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Various types of traditional medicine and other medical practices referred to as complementary or alternative medicine are increasingly used in both developing and developed countries. In order to promote safe and appropriate use of these medicines and practices, as well as to ensure the quality of service and practitioners, national regulations are vital. Establishing national policies on traditional medicine, and/or complementary/alternative medicine and their medical practices, should therefore include creation of legal frameworks. This review summarizes the legal status of several major practices in traditional medicine and complementary/alternative medicine in 123 countries. It includes data on: the use of traditional and complementary/alternative medicine; the regulatory situation of traditional and complementary/alternative remedies and practitioners; health insurance coverage of traditional and complementary/alternative medicine; education and training of practitioners of traditional and complementary/alternative medicine. Information provided in this review will be useful not only to policy makers, but also to researchers, universities, the public, insurance companies and pharmaceutical industries.