Truth Illusion And The American Dream In Edward Albee S Who S Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 1,7, University of Kassel, course: 20th Century British and American Drama, language: English, abstract: Edward Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" has become one of the major works in American dramatic history (Roundane 42) and a huge career boost for Albee himself. This is not surprising as this masterpiece is considered to be revolutionary and ambitious as well as scandalous and highly controversial at the same time. The play, which has been discussed so passionately, "gives us four almost unrelievably nasty people who for something like three-and-a-half hours [...] take part in a drunken orgy of backbiting, bitchery, humiliation, verbal castration, exposure and physical mauling" (Hilfer 121). Not only wanting to entertain the audience but also including social criticism, Albee makes use of essential themes which help to make people understand their situation and to make them realize the necessity to act in order to modify society. In the course of this paper, I am going to attempt to illustrate the importance of the American Dream and to establish a connection to the topic of truth and illusion which can be understood as the basis of Albee's concept. To start with, I will exemplify different aspects of the American Dream and point out selected features of the characters that can be linked to the American Dream. In order to appreciate most of the professional criticism, it is of the utmost importance to look at the issue of truth and illusion that is predominant in many parts of the play. Examining the subject matter of illusion, I will concentrate on the imaginary son as well as the relationship between the guests Nick and Honey. In a last step, I am going to explain the issue of truth in the play by examining the killing of the imaginary son and the confession of Nick and his wife. Examining selected scenes, I will try to clarify the aspects Albee criticizes and explain the

Edward Albee S Who S Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

Author: Michael Y. Bennett
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Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? shocked audiences and critics alike with its assault on decorum. At base though, the play is simply a love story: an examination of a long-wedded life, filled with the hopes, dreams, disappointments, and pain that accompany the passing of many years together. While the ethos of the play is tragicomic, it is the anachronistic, melodramatic secret object—the nonexistent "son"—that upends the audience’s sense of theatrical normalcy. The mean and vulgar bile spewed among the characters hides these elements, making it feel like something entirely "new." As Michael Y. Bennett reveals, the play is the same emperor, just wearing new clothes. In short, it is straight out of the grand tradition of living room drama: Ibsen, Chekhov, Glaspell, Hellmann, O’Neill, Wilder, Miller, Williams, and Albee.

The Facts On File Companion To American Drama

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Features a comprehensive guide to American dramatic literature, from its origins in the early days of the nation to the groundbreaking works of today's best writers.

Edward Albee

Author: Anita Maria Stenz
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The New York Times Theatre Reviews 1999 2000

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This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play's various printed versions and its theatrical productions. Aspinall has included only those essays that offer the most influential and controversial arguments surrounding the play. The issues discussed include gender, authority, female autonomy and unruliness, courtship and marriage, language and speech, and performance and theatricality.

The Temptation Of Innocence In The Dramas Of Arthur Miller

Author: Terry Otten
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Critical Essays On Edward Albee

Author: Philip C. Kolin
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This volume contains 39 essays and reviews, including several translated from German for the first time, that demonstrate the plenitude of Albee critism. The reviews cover The Zoo Story, Tiny Alice, The Death of Bessie Smith, The American Dream Counting the Ways, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, A Seascape, and A Delicate Balance. The volume also contains an interview with Albee, and an annotated bibliography of other interviews. Contributors include John Gassner, Clive Barns, Anne Paobicci, and John Kenneth Galbraith. ISBN 0-8161-8875-0: $35.00.

Modern Drama Scholarship And Criticism 1966 1980

Author: Charles A. Carpenter
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Ur innehållet: J. Scandinavian drama (s. [398]-423).

The Serif

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Edward Albee

Author: Toby Silverman Zinman
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Introduction -- Peter and Jerry: "Homelife" and The zoo story -- The zoo story -- The death of Bessie Smith -- The sandbox -- The American dream -- Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? -- Tiny Alice -- A delicate balance -- Box and quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung -- All over -- Seascape -- Listening -- Counting the ways: a vaudville -- The lady from Dubuque -- The man who had three arms -- Finding the sun -- Marriage play -- Tall women -- Fragments -- The play about the baby -- The goat or, who is Sylvia? -- Occupant -- Knock! knock! who's there!? -- Bibliography -- Chronology of plays.