Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs

Author: Adam Blanning
Editor: Lindisfarne Books
ISBN: 9781584209508
Size: 15,80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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How do we best help a child who is struggling? By learning to look carefully.Children's challenging behaviour -- such as bullying, attention problems, anxiety, memory problems or sensory-seeking behaviour -- can often be related to a developmental issue, and the best way to understand the behaviour, argues Adam Blanning, is through close observation of the child. Watching how a child moves, listens, eats or sleeps can offer valuable insights into a child's experience of the world, and help tell the child's story.This detailed book explores in depth the 'constitutional polarities' of children discussed by Rudolf Steiner, which in turn can lead to effective, individualised therapeutic approaches to challenging behaviour. Teachers, counsellors and medical doctors will find tools in this book to enrich their work with children. The constitutional pictures are accompanied by diverse therapeutic indications that will help children into new growth and maturation, from the inside out.

Juvenile Justice

Author: Francine Sherman
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118105850
Size: 10,65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"The lessons in this book remind us that we can—and that wemust—do better, for the sake of our children, their futures,and the sake of our nation. . . . This volume is a call to action,and I encourage everyone who reads it to take steps to ensure thatall America's children are given an equal chance to succeed. Wemust all work together to replace the cradle-to-prison pipelinewith a pipeline to responsible, productive adulthood." —Fromthe Foreword by Marian Wright Edelman, JD, President and founder,Children's Defense Fund, Washington, DC "Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practiceappears at a critical time, when promising juvenile justice reformsare underway in so many jurisdictions across the United States.Sherman and Jacobs, and their impressive array of expert authors,fill a significant gap in the literature, making the current bodyof juvenile justice research and experience accessible to policymakers, researchers, and funders, and doing so through a practicaland positive lens." —Patrick McCarthy, President and ChiefExecutive Officer, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Baltimore, MD "Most people have narrow views of what it means to be adelinquent youth. In Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy,and Practice, Sherman and Jacobs have diligently collected essaysfrom the top experts in the juvenile justice field who tell anempirically based and powerful narrative of who is really in thedelinquency system. As this book makes clear, until we ask andanswer the right questions, we will remain unable to help the youthmost in need." —Alexander Busansky, President, The NationalCouncil on Crime and Delinquency, Oakland, CA A comprehensive reference presenting a rehabilitative, youth-and community-centered vision of juvenile justice Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practicebrings together experts in juvenile justice, child development, andpublic health to explore the intersections between juvenile justiceand needed development of programs and policies that look out forthe health and well-being of the youth who enter this system. Thistimely book provides a usable framework for imagining juvenilejustice systems that emphasize the welfare of juveniles, achievedprimarily through connections within their communities. A must-read for professionals working in juvenile courts andwithin juvenile justice agencies, Juvenile Justice: AdvancingResearch, Policy, and Practice reflects both the considerableadvances and the challenges currently evident in the juvenilejustice system, with an emphasis on the development andimplementation of policies that can succeed in building a newgeneration of educated young people able to embrace their potentialand build successful futures.

Understanding Human Resource Development

Author: Jim McGoldrick
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134589433
Size: 20,15 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 423

This edited volume contains original chapters by some of the leading researchers and writers in HRD. It provides a definitive work on the design and conduct of research in HRD and identifies and examines the possibilities and limitations of particular methods and techniques. Emerging debates on the purpose, nature and practice and theoretical base of HRD are examined. Each chapter is structured with: * Statement of aims * Description of theoretical and empirical context^ * Identification and examination of methodological issues * Description and evaluation of research design * Critical analysis and evaluation * Key learning points

Where Do We Go From Here

Author: Jane E. Neapolitan
Editor: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820481784
Size: 16,39 MB
Format: PDF
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The Plain Language Guide To The World Summit On Sustainable Development

Author: Rosalie Callway
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136552731
Size: 13,28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 798

The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002 brought together thousands of delegates who mapped out the future of the global sustainable development agenda. The resulting technical document, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI), identifies priorities in the implementation of Agenda 21 and other international agreements, and commitments that will take these priorities forward. This plain language version provides an invaluable reference to the outcomes of the WSSD by explaining the JPOI clearly for the lay person and expert alike.

Tasks In Primary Mathematics Teacher Education

Author: Barbara Clarke
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 038709668X
Size: 16,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 176

Tasks in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education is intended to advance relevant research and innovative international practices in the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers. Emerging from discussion at the ICMI study on teacher professional development, this volume, focused on primary and elementary teachers, culls a richness that can only be found by gathering wisdom from varied experiences around the world. The choice of tasks, and the associated pedagogies, is a key aspect of teaching and learning mathematics. Arguing that what students learn is largely defined by the tasks they are given, several major themes are presented. One such major strand, the form, function and focus of tasks, is discussed throughout several chapters, offering analysis, discussion of implementation, and exemplars of a broader category of illustrative techniques for developing critical understanding.

Learning Peace

Author: Betty A. Reardon
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791417560
Size: 11,90 MB
Format: PDF
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'The most striking feature of this book is the fact that a group of highly qualified scholars and educators collaborated before the dissolution of the Soviet Union exchanging ideas and practical programs for teaching ecological and cooperative education. They modeled the process they advocate. They changed their own thinking to understand the thinking of others. They couched their concerns in a framework of human rights, political and social responsibility, and practical transformations of national educational approaches that are often myopic and competitive. While accenting some positive educational trends within their national borders, they also criticized cultural and educational limitations.' Anne Shepard, Associate Superintendent of Schools, Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri

Implementing Mentoring Schemes

Author: Nadine Klasen
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136396616
Size: 14,97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 257

Over the past few years the application of mentoring in business has risen steeply and more organizations than ever are seeking to utilize its power. 'Implementing Mentoring Schemes' constitutes the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the design, implementation, evaluation and revitalization of mentoring schemes. Although it can be used as a practical "how-to" guide on implementing mentoring schemes, it is ultimately a book that promotes best practice, combining academic research and case studies with many years of practical experience to produce expert advice. It enables readers to fully understand mentoring and to create state-of-the-art programs. In addition, it establishes a tenable case for mentoring that will greatly assist readers in promoting programs within their organization.

Messages For Today And Tomorrow

Author: William F. Snyder
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469114011
Size: 17,59 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 172

MESSAGES for Today and Tomorrow, including Samuels Story of Jesus, was received from spirit guides, starting in 1999 and continues even today. The messages were provided as learning guides, applicable in numerous situations one may encounter on lifes pathway of acquiring spiritual knowledge. Instructions were stressed repeatedly to share with others the purpose of life, the thought process of decision-making, the effects one persons thoughts have upon another and the universe, the inter-relationship of souls, the acquiring of knowledge through experiences with other souls, soul growth, and the possible decisions of individuals and nations of today will influence what will be tomorrow.

Understanding Adolescents For Helping Professionals

Author: Dr. Avidan Milevsky, PhD, LCPC
Editor: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826125077
Size: 15,23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 355

Promotes an in-depth understanding of adolescent development that can be immediately applied to effective treatment Adolescence is a distinct and complex stage of development, and successful interventions with this population require an in-depth understanding of the many forces affecting them. This is a practical, thorough, yet concise survey of adolescent development for early career professionals in psychology, mental health counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, education, and nursing. Based on in-depth theoretical and empirical understanding of adolescent physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, the text demonstrates how this knowledge can be applied immediately to treating adolescents in any setting. The only book of its kind, it is a welcome alternative to purely clinical books because its strategic focus is on understanding normal adolescent development and appreciating the crucial difference between adolescent developmental issues versus clinical issues. Comprehending this important difference is an integral aspect of successful interventions with adolescents. The book provides an overview of historical perspectives, major theories and research, and current best practices in the profession. It addresses topics in adolescent development, with a particular emphasis on how physical, cognitive, and socioemotional developments interact in an integrative process. Particularly helpful features include a section in each chapter, "Adolescent Development in the Real World," which highlights interviews with professionals who, in their daily work, apply the concepts discussed in the text. The "In Their Own Words" feature provides interviews with adolescents from various gender and ethnic groups, providing first-person accounts of how specific issues are manifested in life. Other hallmarks of this text include easy-to-understand language, discussion-oriented critical thinking tasks, and suggestions for further reading. Readers will come away with a deep theoretical and empirical understanding of adolescent development, as well as how to apply and implement these concepts in any adolescent or adolescent-related mental health setting. KEY FEATURES: Presents concise yet in-depth coverage of adolescent development with a focus on applying this knowledge in practice Facilitates a deep theoretical and empirical understanding of the key concepts in physical, cognitive, and socioemotional adolescent development Emphasizes the interaction of physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development Includes interviews with professionals who demonstrate how they apply the book's concepts in their work with adolescents Provides first-person accounts from adolescents from different cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations