Universities At War

Author: Thomas Docherty
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1473910617
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"Docherty is not only is a brilliant critic of those forces that would like to transform higher education into an extension of the market-place... he is also a man of great moral and civic courage, who under intense pressure from the punishing neoliberal state has risked a great deal to remind us that higher education is a civic institution crucial to creating the formative cultures necessary for a democracy to survive, if not flourish." - Henry Giroux, McMasters University "Docherty engages with the secular university in its present crisis, reflecting on its origins and on its role in the future of democracy. He tackles the urgent issue of inequality with a compelling denunciation of the ways of entrenched privilege; he offers a view of governance and representation from the perspective of those who are silenced; and exposes the fundamental damage done to thought by management-speak. Docherty is moral, passionate and committed and this is a fierce and important book." - Mary Margaret McCabe, King's College London There is a war on for the future of the university worldwide. The stakes are high, and they reach deep into our social condition. On one side are self-proclaimed modernisers who view the institution as vital to national economic success. Here the university is a servant of the national economy in the context of globalization, its driving principles of private and personal enrichment necessary conditions of ‘progress’ and modernity. Others see this as a radical impoverishment of the university’s capacities to extend human possibilities and freedoms, to seek earnestly for social justice, and to participate in the endless need for the extension of democracy. This book analyses the former position, and argues for the necessity of taking sides with the latter. It does so with a sense of urgency, because the market fundamentalists are on the march. The fundamental war that is being fought is not just for scholars, but for a better – more democratic, more just, more emancipatory – form of life. Choose sides.

The University At War 1914 25

Author: T. Irish
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137409460
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Drawing on examples from Britain, France, and the United States, this book examines how scholars and scholarship found themselves mobilized to solve many problems created by modern warfare in World War I, and the many consequences of this for higher education which have lasted almost a century.

We Are A College At War

Author: Mary Weaks-Baxter
Editor: SIU Press
ISBN: 0809385910
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We Are a College at War weaves together the individual World War II experiences of students and faculty at the all-female Rockford College (now Rockford University) in Rockford, Illinois, to draw a broader picture of the role American women and college students played during this defining period in U.S. history. It uses the Rockford community’s letters, speeches, newspaper stories, and personal recollections to demonstrate how American women during the Second World War claimed the right to be everywhere—in factories and other traditionally male workplaces, and even on the front lines—and links their efforts to the rise of feminism and the fight for women’s rights in the 1960s and 1970s.

A People At War

Author: Scott Reynolds Nelson
Editor: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195146549
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The American Civil War had a devastating impact on countless numbers of common soldiers and civilians. This book shows how average Americans coped with despair as well as hope during this vast upheaval.

States At War Volume 4

Author: Richard F. Miller
Editor: University Press of New England
ISBN: 1611686229
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While many Civil War reference books exist, there is no single compendium that contains important details about the combatant states (and territories) that Civil War researchers can readily access for their work. People looking for information about the organizations, activities, economies, demographics, and prominent personalities of Civil War States and state governments must assemble data from a variety of sources, with many key sources remaining unavailable online. This crucial reference book, the fourth in the States at War series, provides vital information on the organization, activities, economies, demographics, and prominent personalities of Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey during the Civil War. Its principal sources include the Official Records, state adjutant-general reports, legislative journals, state and federal legislation, federal and state executive speeches and proclamations, and the general and special orders issued by the military authorities of both governments, North and South. Designed and organized for easy use by professional historians and amateurs, this book can be read in two ways: by individual state, with each chapter offering a stand-alone history of an individual stateÕs war years; or across states, comparing reactions to the same event or solutions to the same problems.

Justice At War

Author: Richard Delgado
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814744052
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The status of civil rights in the United States today is as volatile an issue as ever, with many Americans wondering if new laws, implemented after the events of September 11, restrict more people than they protect. How will efforts to eradicate racism, sexism, and xenophobia be affected by the measures our government takes in the name of protecting its citizens? Richard Delgado, one of the founding figures in the Critical Race Theory movement, addresses these problems with his latest book in the award-winning Rodrigo Chronicles. Employing the narrative device he and other Critical Race theorists made famous, Delgado assembles a cast of characters to discuss such urgent and timely topics as race, terrorism, hate speech, interracial relationships, freedom of speech, and new theories on civil rights stemming from the most recent war. In the course of this new narrative, Delgado provides analytical breakthroughs, offering new civil rights theories, new approaches to interracial romance and solidarity, and a fresh analysis of how whiteness and white privilege figure into the debate on affirmative action. The characters also discuss the black/white binary paradigm of race and show why it persists even at a time when the country's population is rapidly diversifying.

The British Universities After Three Years Of War

Author: British Information Services
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Japan At War An Encyclopedia

Author: Louis G. Perez
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1598847422
File Size: 38,47 MB
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This compelling reference focuses on the events, individuals, organizations, and ideas that shaped Japanese warfare from early times to the present day. • Topic finder lists • A comprehensive timeline • 10 maps of key military theaters • Essential primary source documents related to the military history of Japan

Literatures Of War

Author: Eve Patten
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527561836
File Size: 60,97 MB
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“The most terrible disaster that one group of human beings can inflict on another is war. Wars cause misery on an indescribable scale. Yet we go on doing it to one another, generation after generation. Why? Warfare is a recurrent and universal characteristic of human existence. The mythologies of practically all peoples abound in wars and the superhuman deeds of warriors, and pre-literate communities apparently delighted in the recital of stories about battles. Since our species became literate a mere 5,000 years ago, written history has mostly been the history of wars. Thousands who knew war evidently sickened of it and dreamt of lasting peace, expressing their vision in literature and art, in philosophy and religion. They imagined Utopias freed of martial ambition and bloodshed which harked back to the Golden Age of classical antiquity, to the Christian vision of a paradise lost, and to the Arcadia of Greek and Latin poetry, so richly celebrated in the canvases of Claude and Poussin. All these things bear eloquent testimony to the human longing for peace, but they have not triumphed over our dreadfully powerful propensity to war.” —from the Introduction by Anthony Stevens In this multi-disciplinary collection of essays on the manifestations of war in poetry, fiction, drama, music and documentaries, scholars and practitioners from an international context describe the transformation of the war experience into chronicles of hope and despair, from Herodotus up to the present day.

Edward Hicks Pacifist Bishop At War

Author: G. R. Evans
Editor: Lion Books
ISBN: 0745956556
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The story of outspoken pacifist bishop Edward Hicks throws new light on the problems of conscience created by World War One. Edward Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln, was already regarded as a maverick for his stance on the education of women, teetotalism, social justice, and votes for everyone. He came from a different class to that of most bishops. When war came, he was a rare dissenting voice amidst the Church's vocal support for its morality. Acclaimed author G. R. Evans draws upon Hicks's detailed diaries to reveal Edward Hicks as a man battling with his own conscience and principles, not least at seeing his sons go off to fight - one never to return. This is a fascinating glimpse into the impact the War had on an individual and those around him, who waited at home - and tried to hold onto their humanity.

Languages At War

Author: H. Footitt
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137010274
File Size: 58,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Emphasising the significance of foreign languages at the centre of war and conflict, this book argues that 'foreignness' and foreign languages are key to our understanding of what happens in war. Through case studies the book traces the role of languages in intelligence, military deployment, soldier/civilian meetings, occupation and peace building.

Scientists At War

Author: Sarah Bridger
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 067442610X
File Size: 72,40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sarah Bridger examines the ethical debates that tested the U.S. scientific community during the Cold War, and scientists’ contributions to military technologies and strategic policymaking, from the dawning atomic age through the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) in the 1980s, which sparked cross-generational opposition among scientists.

History Of Universities

Author: Mordechai Feingold
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198807023
File Size: 26,79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This double issue of of History of Universities, Volume XXX / 1-2, contains the customary mix of learned articles and book reviews which makes this publication such an indispensable tool for the historian of higher education. The volume is, as always, a lively combination of original research and invaluable reference material.

China At War

Author: Stephen R. MacKinnon
Editor: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804755092
File Size: 21,92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book describes, in vivid detail, the history of the Japanese invasion and occupation and of different parts of China, from the viewpoints of scholars in China, Japan, and the West

An Imperial State At War

Author: Lawrence Stone
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134546025
File Size: 78,50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The study of eighteenth century history has been transformed by the writings of John Brewer, and most recently, with The Sinews of Power, he challenged the central concepts of British history. Brewer argues that the power of the British state increased dramatically when it was forced to pay the costs of war in defence of her growing empire. In An Imperial State at War, edited by Lawrence Stone (himself no stranger to controversy), the leading historians of the eighteenth century put the Brewer thesis under the spotlight. Like the Sinews of Power itself, this is a major advance in the study of Britain's first empire.

A Democracy At War

Author: William L. O'Neill
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674197374
File Size: 55,79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Surveys the bureaucratic mistakes--including poor weapons and strategic blunders--that marked America's entry into World War II, showing how these errors were overcome by the citizens waging the war.

Bryant College Goes To War

Author: Judy Barrett Litoff
ISBN: 9780615617091
File Size: 61,75 MB
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The Bryant College Service Club was formed in March 1942 by Bryant students for Bryant alumni serving their country during World War II. Its purpose was to send monthly packages of cigarettes, candy, cookies, letters, and knitted articles to Bryant men and women serving in the U.S. military. The club also sold war stamps and bonds and conducted first aid classes. When the club was formed there were about 80 Bryant men and women deployed throughout the world. Over a 3 year period this number grew to over 500 Bryant alumni/ae engaged in World War II. The nearly 1,400 letters received by the Bryant College Service Club from 1942 to 1945 were arranged in four scrapbooks, probably under the aegis of Miss Blaney, who was Director of the club in addition to her duties as Publicity Director and Director of Placement during this time.

Science And The Pacific War

Author: Roy M. MacLeod
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792358510
File Size: 23,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1995, the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War occasioned many reflections on the place of science and technology in the conflict. That the war ended with Allied victory in the Pacific theatre, inevitably focussed attention upon the Pacific region, and particularly upon the Manhattan project and its outcome. It was in the Pacific that Western physics and engineering gave birth to the Atomic Age. However, the Pacific war had also proved a testing time, and a testing space, for other disciplines and institutions. Extreme environments and opemtional distances, and the fundamental demands of logistics, required the Allies and the Japanese to innovate many scientific and technological practices. Just as medicine and botany were called upon to fight tropical diseases and insect pests, so engineers, anthropol ogists and geographers were called upon to understand local conditions and cli mates, and to work with local peoples whose traditional lives were changed forever by the experience. At the same time, the war played midwife to a host of new de velopments, not least in scientific intelligence and in chemical and biological weapons, which were to acquire far greater importance after 1945.

Cultures Communities And Conflict

Author: Paul Stortz
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442664479
File Size: 78,37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8652

Cultures, Communities, and Conflict offers provocative, cutting-edge perspectives on the history of English-Canadian universities and war in the twentieth century. The contributors explore how universities contributed not only to Canadian war efforts, but to forging multiple understandings of intellectualism, academia, and community within an evolving Canadian nation. Contributing to the social, intellectual, and academic history of universities, the collection provides rich approaches to integral issues at the intersection of higher education and wartime, including academic freedom, gender, peace and activism on campus, and the challenges of ethnic diversity. The contributors place the historical university in several contexts, not the least of which is the university’s substantial power to construct and transform intellectual discourse and promote efforts for change both on- and off-campus. With its diverse research methodologies and its strong thematic structure, Cultures, Communities, and Conflict provides an energetic basis for new understandings of universities as historical partners in Canadian community and state formation.