Author: Sacha Z. Scoblic
Editor: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 9780806535166
Size: 11,11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 801

The single glass of wine with dinner. . .the cold beer on a hot day. . .the champagne flute raised in a toast. . . what I'd drink if Hunter S. Thompson wanted to get wasted with me. . .these are my fantasies lately. Too bad I've gone sober. When Sacha Z. Scoblic was drinking, she was a rock star; the days were rough and the nights filled with laughter and blackouts. Then she gave it up. She had to. Here are her adventures in an utterly and maddeningly sober world. . .and how she discovered that nothing is as odd and fantastic as life without a drink in hand. . . "Wildly entertaining. . .An unabashed account of getting clean and getting a life." --Steve Geng Sacha Z. Scoblic is a writer living in Washington, D.C. A former editor at The New Republic and Reader's Digest, she has written about everything from space camp to pulp fiction and was a contributor to The New York Times's online series "Proof: Alcohol and American Life." She currently blogs about addiction at TheFasterTimes.com. Her sobriety date is June 15, 2005.

Words Without Walls

Author: Sheryl St. Germain
Editor: Trinity University Press
ISBN: 1595342567
Size: 20,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 491

Writing programs in prisons and rehabilitation centers have proven time and again to be transformative and empowering for people in need. Halfway houses, hospitals, and shelters are all fertile ground for healing through the imagination and can often mean the difference for inmates and patients between just simply surviving and truly thriving. It is in these settings that teachers and their students need reading that nourishes the soul and challenges the spirit. Words without Walls is a collection of more than seventy-five poems, essays, stories, and scripts by contemporary writers that provide models for successful writing, offering voices and styles that will inspire students in alternative spaces on their own creative exploration. Created by the founders of the award-winning program of the same name based at Chatham University, the anthology strives to challenge readers to reach beyond their own circumstances and begin to write from the heart. Each selection expresses immediacy--writing that captures the imagination and conveys intimacy on the page--revealing the power of words to cut to the quick and unfold the truth. Many of the pieces are brief, allowing for reading and discussion in the classroom, and provide a wide range of content and genre, touching on themes common to communities in need: addiction and alcoholism, family, love and sex, pain and hope, prison, recovery, and violence. Included is work by writers dealing with shared issues, such as Dorothy Alison and Jesmyn Ward, who write about families for whom struggle is a way of life; or Natalie Kenvin and Toi Derricotte, whose pieces reveal violence against women. Also included are writings by those who have spent time in prison themselves, such as Jimmy Santiago Baca, Dwayne Betts, Ken Lamberton, and Etheridge Knight. Eric Boyd ennobles the day he was released from jail. Stephon Hayes reflects on what he sees from his prison window. Terra Lynn evokes the experience of being put in solitary confinement. Because in 2011 almost half of all prisoners in federal facilities were in for drug-related offenses, there are pieces by James Brown, Nick Flynn, and Ann Marlowe, who explore their own addiction and alcoholism, and by Natalie Diaz, Scott Russell Sanders, and Christine Stroud, who write of crippling drug abuse by family and friends. These powerful excerpts act as models for beginning writers and offer a vehicle to examine their own painful experiences. Words without Walls demonstrates the power of language to connect people; to reflect on the past and reimagine the future; to confront complicated truths; and to gain solace from pain and regret. For students in alternative spaces, these writings, together with their own expressions, reveal the same intense desire to write and share one’s writing, found in the Russian poet Irina Ratushinskaya, who scratched her poems on bars of soap in a Gulag shower, or the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, who smuggled bits of poetry out of jail in the clothing of visiting friends. Wole Soyinka, in solitary confinement forty years ago, wrote that “creation is admission of great loneliness.” In these communal spaces, our loneliness is lessened, our vulnerability exposed, and our honesty tested, and through these revelatory writings students receive the necessary encouragement to share the whispering corners of their minds.

True Tales Of Lust Love

Author: Anna David
Editor: Catapult
ISBN: 1619023687
Size: 15,64 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 760

“Hysterical and touching” confessions drawn from the New York Times–bestselling author’s hit storytelling stage shows and podcast (Publishers Weekly). Anna David’s project began as a live venue for writers and comedians to share and laugh and cringe at their love-gone-wrong disaster stories. Now Anna has collected twenty-six of the most popular and entertaining pieces into the first ever True Tales of Lust and Love anthology. Organized into three sections, Casual Sex, Dating, and Love—or Something Like It, these hilarious, raucous, insightful, and heartening essays about the desire for lust and love, includes: Alison Agosti’s unapologetic story about her sex playlist comprised entirely of 12 different covers of “Stand By Me”; Liberal Samantha Dunn on falling in love with an “up-to-his-eyeballs” Republican; Claire Titelman’s tale of her not-kinky-enough Craigslist hook-up; Laura House’s admission of her love of strippers; and Anna David’s story of her innocent quest, at only eight-years-old, for her very own Danny Zuko. With contributions from the funniest writers and comedians around, pulled from the world of books, TV, and film. True Tales of Lust and Love is “daring, delightful, sexy, cool, sweet, and poignant. I savored every word” (Gigi Levangie Grazer, New York Times bestselling author of The Starter Wife).

On The Lips Of Children

Author: Mark Matthews
ISBN: 9781927112168
Size: 10,86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Meet Macon. Tattoo artist. Athlete. Family man. He's planning to run a marathon, but the event becomes something terrible. During a warm-up run, Macon falls prey to a bizarre man and his wife who dwell in an underground drug-smuggling tunnel. They raise their twin children in a way Macon couldn't imagine: skinning unexpecting victims for food and money. And Macon, and his family, are next. "An ordinary running trail becomes the most terrifying place on the planet for Mark Matthews' troubled, likeable, marathon-running, tattooed, hipster protagonists and their young daughter. But, for the horror-show clan living under that trail - who subsist on flesh and bath salts in a nightmare orgy of blood and crazy - the hipsters are a rare treat indeed. As the family v. family showdown transpires underground and off the beaten path, the vulnerability of running on a trail - alone but for the watchers in the woods - makes the setting unique and well-crafted. Written with verve, surprising compassion, and bite, On the Lips of Children is a seriously demented must read." Sacha Z. Scoblic, author of Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety "Mark Matthews' On the Lips of Children is a sprint down a path of high-adrenaline terror that never offers the comfort of monsters you can dismiss by reminding yourself "there's no such thing as..." The story alternates between harsh reality and an almost dream-like surreality while never losing sight of the real heart of good storytelling. Matthews demonstrates that you don't have far down to go to reach the underworld, yet the road back up is a lot harder run than anyone is prepared to make." Bracken MacLeod, author of Mountain Home "On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews, is a dark, terrifying page-turner. It's Stephen King's Misery on bath salts. In a cave. It scared the crap out of me. The story was original. The characters were fascinating, exposing the reader to worlds foreign to most of us. Matthews has a knack for pacing his story then jolting the reader with a frightening plot twist. I was impressed by how he wrapped up the ending. Read this book." Michele Miller, author of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarterfinalist "Mark Matthews' keen ability to bring his own very real personal experiences to life in the guise of fiction, in this instance delightfully horrific fiction, makes even the macabre relatable." Peter Rosche, author of My Dead Friend Sarah "On the Lips of Children pulled me in early on. Within the first chapters, Mark's well-paced plot had me experiencing every footstep with him, riveted. By the time their daughter Lyric's perspective engulfed me, the story was whirling by, her innocence eating at my heart, each stride drawing me from one word to the next. Who knew an innocent run through the park could be so startling and gruesome? Fans of thrilling chases and horrifying tales where family and innocence hang in the balance will certainly enjoy On the Lips of Children." Weston Kincade, author of A Life of Death "Mark Matthews' novel On the Lips of Children is a brutal, intense ride of claustrophobic horror and gritty, page-turning suspense. This is dark fiction at its visceral, chilling best." Jan Kozlowski, author of Die, You Bastard! Die! "On the Lips of Children is dark and gritty. Even the peaceful moments feel dangerous. Always on the border of safety, danger, and death. Readers beware." Jay Wilburn, author of Loose Ends