Variability Of The Duration Of Life Of Living Creatures

Author: E. Timmer
Editor: IOS Press
ISBN: 9789051994469
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The Dual Nature Of Life

Author: Gennadiy Zhegunov
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642303943
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Life is a diverse and ubiquitous phenomenon on Earth, characterized by fundamental features distinguishing living bodies from nonliving material. Yet it is also so complex that it has long defied precise definition. This book from a seasoned biologist offers new insights into the nature of life by illuminating a fascinating architecture of dualities inherent in its existence and propagation. Life is connected with individual living beings, yet it is also a collective and inherently global phenomenon of the material world. It embodies a dual existence of cycles of phenotypic life, and their unseen driver — an uninterrupted march of genetic information whose collective immortality is guaranteed by individual mortality. Although evolution propagates and tunes species of organisms, the beings produced can be regarded merely as tools for the survival and cloning of genomes written in an unchanging code. What are the physical versus informational bases and driving forces of life, and how do they unite as an integrated system? What does time mean for individuals, life on the global scale, and the underlying information? This accessible examination of principles and evidence shows that a network of dualities lies at the heart of biological puzzles that have engaged the human mind for millennia.

The Sacred Steps Of Creation

Author: Thomas Marsden (B. A.)
Size: 11,47 MB
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The Sacred Steps Of Creation Or The Revealed Genetic Theology Illustrated By Geology And Astronomy In Twelve Lectures Etc

Author: Thomas MARSDEN (Rector of Burstow.)
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Annual Report Of The Commissioner Of Fisheries To The Secretary Of Commerce For The Fiscal Year Ended

Author: United States. Bureau of Fisheries
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Movement System Variability

Author: Keith Davids
Editor: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 9780736044820
Size: 11,69 MB
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In the groundbreaking text, Movement System Variability, internationally known scientists synthesize the latest research in the study of variability in the human movement system and provide an in-depth, multi-disciplinary analysis for researchers in human movement sciences and related fields. Movement System Variability's unique dynamic systems perspective in most chapters adds a new theoretical interpretation to the role of variability in movement behavior. A rich array of scientific disciplines is represented in the text to offer insights into the nature and role of variability observed at different levels of analysis. Movement System Variabilityis organized into five parts: -Behavioral Analysis of Variability in the Movement System -Variability, Performance and Excellence -Issues in Measurement -Variability Across the Lifespan -Variability Within Subsystems This essential reference book provides fresh insights into the nature and function of variability. Just as important, it demonstrates how an understanding of variability can enhance the practice of educators, teachers, coaches, physiotherapists, and developmental specialists. This book is an ideal reference for researchers or students interested in the human movement sciences.

Biology And Neurophysiology Of The Conditioned Reflex And Its Role In Adaptive Behavior

Author: Peter K. Anokhin
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483145514
Size: 13,43 MB
Format: PDF
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International Series of Monographs in Cerebrovisceral and Behavioral Physiology and Conditioned Reflexes, Volume 3: Biology and Neurophysiology of the Conditioned Reflex and its Role in Adaptive Behavior focuses on the biological roots, characteristics, and nature of conditioned reflex and its function in adaptive behavior. The monograph first discusses the biological roots of the conditioned reflex. Concerns include sequential order of external influences and living protoplasm; anticipatory processes of protoplasm and the conditioned reflex; adaptive features of the conditioned reflex; and inborn signalization in higher animals. The book then takes a look at the nature of the unconditioned reflex, including biological nature of reinforcement; value of the temporal relationships of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes; and fixation of sequential order without the factor of reinforcement. The text describes systemogenesis as an evolutionary basis for the development of unconditioned reflexes; concepts concerning the nature of the coupling process; and hypothesis of the convergent coupling of the conditioned reflex. The book also examines functional system as a basis of the physiological architecture of behavioral acts. The monograph is a dependable source of data for readers interested in conditioned reflex and its function in adaptive behavior.

Developmental Plasticity And Evolution

Author: Mary Jane West-Eberhard
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198028567
Size: 14,90 MB
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The first comprehensive synthesis on development and evolution: it applies to all aspects of development, at all levels of organization and in all organisms, taking advantage of modern findings on behavior, genetics, endocrinology, molecular biology, evolutionary theory and phylogenetics to show the connections between developmental mechanisms and evolutionary change. This book solves key problems that have impeded a definitive synthesis in the past. It uses new concepts and specific examples to show how to relate environmentally sensitive development to the genetic theory of adaptive evolution and to explain major patterns of change. In this book development includes not only embryology and the ontogeny of morphology, sometimes portrayed inadequately as governed by "regulatory genes," but also behavioral development and physiological adaptation, where plasticity is mediated by genetically complex mechanisms like hormones and learning. The book shows how the universal qualities of phenotypes--modular organization and plasticity--facilitate both integration and change. Here you will learn why it is wrong to describe organisms as genetically programmed; why environmental induction is likely to be more important in evolution than random mutation; and why it is crucial to consider both selection and developmental mechanism in explanations of adaptive evolution. This book satisfies the need for a truly general book on development, plasticity and evolution that applies to living organisms in all of their life stages and environments. Using an immense compendium of examples on many kinds of organisms, from viruses and bacteria to higher plants and animals, it shows how the phenotype is reorganized during evolution to produce novelties, and how alternative phenotypes occupy a pivotal role as a phase of evolution that fosters diversification and speeds change. The arguments of this book call for a new view of the major themes of evolutionary biology, as shown in chapters on gradualism, homology, environmental induction, speciation, radiation, macroevolution, punctuation, and the maintenance of sex. No other treatment of development and evolution since Darwin's offers such a comprehensive and critical discussion of the relevant issues. Developmental Plasticity and Evolution is designed for biologists interested in the development and evolution of behavior, life-history patterns, ecology, physiology, morphology and speciation. It will also appeal to evolutionary paleontologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and teachers of general biology.

The Cincinnati Lancet And Clinic

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Grass Fed Cattle

Author: Julius Ruechel
Editor: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 160342587X
Size: 15,80 MB
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Successfully raise grass-fed cattle and enjoy the benefits of great-tasting beef and a financially stable enterprise. In this comprehensive guide, Julius Ruechel covers every aspect of raising healthy and thriving grass-fed cattle, offering advice on herd selection, pasture management, medical care, necessary equipment, winter grazing, slaughtering procedures, and more. With tips on creating a viable business plan and identifying niche markets for your beef, Ruechel provides everything you need to know to develop a profitable and environmentally sustainable grass-fed cattle operation.