Walking With The Wind

Author: Michael D'Orso
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476797714
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The award-winning national bestseller, Walking with the Wind, is one of the most important records of the American civil rights movement as told by a true American hero, John Lewis, who Cornel West called a “national treasure.” An eloquent and gripping first-hand account of the turbulent struggle for civil rights and the willingness and courage to change the course of history. Forty years ago, a teenaged boy named John Lewis stepped off a cotton farm in Alabama and into the epicenter of the struggle for civil rights in America. The ideals of nonviolence which guided that critical time of American history established him as one of the movement's most charismatic and courageous leaders. Lewis's leadership in the Nashville Movement—a student-led effort to desegregate the city of Nashville using sit-in techniques based on the teachings of Gandhi—established him as one of the movement's defining figures and set the tone for the major civil rights campaigns of the 1960s. During this decade, he was repeatedly a victim of violence and intimidation, but his singular belief in non-violent action, inspired by his mentor, Dr. Martin Luther King, was a defining characteristic of his leadership and vision. In 1986, he ran and won a congressional seat in Georgia, and remains in office to this day. Walking with the Wind is the story of an American hero. A boy from rural Alabama whose journey led him to Washington, and whose vision and perseverance changed a nation.

Walk With The Wind

Author: Joan Xie
Editor: Blurb
ISBN: 9781940742373
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此书包括了我从2014年到2018年间,陆续写的随笔、游记和微型小说。 第一辑是对往事的回忆,第二辑记录了在世界各国游历的所见所闻,第三辑则是我身为美国律师和中国诗人双重身份的心得体会,第四辑,是几年来陆续在微信平台上发表的微型小说。 如果说,我写诗为了自己,写随笔却是为了与读者分享人生阅历和想法。这些想法未必深刻,也不一定光辉灿烂,甚至可能没有多少新奇,却皆出自我的切身体验和感悟。在人生道路上,我是个行者:随风而行,上下求索,热爱生命,活出精彩。

A Walk With The Wind

Author: Norman O'Banyon
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491792892
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These four fictional accounts describe the evolutionary end to the Stone Age, which lingered in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest. The setting is the central coast of British Columbia in about the sixteenth century of the modern era. In this imaginary account the evolutionary process, which took millennium in reality, is compressed into four phases, expressed in one lifetime. The scenes change from that of the nomadic Hunter Gatherers, to the established Agricultural society, to a culture that bartered for more than food and developed the concept of economy, to the eventual introduction of the Iron Age. The latter was ushered in with the appearance of European explorers and trappers, such as English Captain George Vancouver, who explored the region of the Pacific Northwest coast in 1792, nearly eight thousand years after the first humans made it their home. This final advancement also brought their aggression and diseases that claimed up to 80% of the people who had no immunity for protection.

Freedom S Main Line

Author: Derek Charles Catsam
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813138868
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Black Americans in the Jim Crow South could not escape the grim reality of racial segregation, whether enforced by law or by custom. In Freedom's Main Line: The Journey of Reconciliation and the Freedom Rides, author Derek Charles Catsam shows that courtrooms, classrooms, and cemeteries were not the only front lines in African Americans' prolonged struggle for basic civil rights. Buses, trains, and other modes of public transportation provided the perfect means for civil rights activists to protest the second-class citizenship of African Americans, bringing the reality of the violence of segregation into the consciousness of America and the world. In 1947, nearly a decade before the Supreme Court voided school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education, sixteen black and white activists embarked on a four-state bus tour, called the Journey of Reconciliation, to challenge discrimination in busing and other forms of public transportation. Although the Journey drew little national attention, it set the stage for the more timely and influential 1961 Freedom Rides. After the Supreme Court's 1960 ruling in Boynton v. Virginia that segregated public transportation violated the Interstate Commerce Act, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and other civil rights groups organized the Freedom Rides to test the enforcement of the ruling in buses and bus terminals across the South. Their goal was simple: "to make bus desegregation," as a CORE press release put it, "a reality instead of merely an approved legal doctrine." Freedom's Main Line argues that the Freedom Rides, a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement, were a logical, natural evolution of such earlier efforts as the Journey of Reconciliation, their organizers following models provided by previous challenges to segregation and relying on the principles of nonviolence so common in the larger movement. The impact of the Freedom Rides, however, was unprecedented, fixing the issue of civil rights in the national consciousness. Later activists were often dubbed Freedom Riders even if they never set foot on a bus. With challenges to segregated transportation as his point of departure, Catsam chronicles black Americans' long journey toward increased civil rights. Freedom's Main Line tells the story of bold incursions into the heart of institutional discrimination, journeys undertaken by heroic individuals who forced racial injustice into the national and international spotlight and helped pave the way for the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Walking On The Wind

Author: Michael Tlanusta Garrett
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591439353
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In the spirit of the highly acclaimed Medicine of the Cherokee, coauthored with his father J. T. Garrett, Michael Garrett shares with us the delightful, all-ages stories passed down from his great-grandfather and other medicine teachers. Blending his background as an Eastern Cherokee with his skills as a counselor, Michael reveals through these tales how to make sense of our experiences in life, see beauty in them, and be at peace with our choices. "Michael's blend of traditional Cherokee ways with that of science and psychology illustrates that both Native and non-Native peoples can learn to thrive together...for the betterment of all" --Native Peoples magazine

Walking Into The Wind

Author: Barbra Goodyear Minar
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469112663
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Author Barbra Minar writes about excelling in life in spite of disease and disabilities. Since 1960 she has battled systemic lupus erythematosus. In l985 with new medical complications Minar wrestled with a deep depression. She decided to tackle her denial, accept her situation, and find health. Using her journal entries and letters, she shares experiences and practical tips, combining support and understanding. When illness limits us, Minar shows how to discover rich new emotional, physical, and spiritual paths. WALKING INTO THE WIND is her fourth book. Praise for WALKING INTO THE WIND: Being Healthy With A Chronic Disease An open and compassionate description of how systemic lupus erythematosus struck body and soul. Minar describes with great honesty the challenge the disease has posed on her own emotions, her spirituality, her relationships. . . . . However, her book is more about life than about a chronic disease. The stormy winds of her chronic disease have finally become a lifting force to higher values of truth and life. H. RICHARD BARTHEL, MD, RHEUMOTOLOGIST An extraordinary story. Minar has turned the malevolence of lupus back on itself and recorded the process. You discover you can become a wiser and more powerful person than a normally healthy woman ever dreamed of becoming." DIANE DE AVALLE-ARCE Editor, Reviewer, Literary Critic I felt as though I was eavesdropping on your life. But thats exactly what I needed. Ive kept so much inside me for the past 3 1/2 years that Ive been sick. Thank you, Barbra, for being so human. The way you have allowed God to work in you is an inspiration to me." VICKI EWY Barbra Minar offers a gracious gift to the world. JOSEPH F. COHEN, MD.

Walking With The Master

Author: Stan Lemke
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490854126
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In Walking with the Master, John reveals Jesus through His teachings and His conversations with the people around Him. Jesus consistently points towards a reality that extends far beyond what we can see, touch, feel, or even imagine; a reality that reaches unto eternity. He poses the questions: What is our world view? How are we investing our lives? Are we part of the world that says we only live once, so enjoy it? Or do we believe that there is more, much more? Jesus, the author of life itself, came to prove to us by word and deed that there is more to life than is apparent to the senses. He implores us to make an informed choice: a choice to believe, a choice to follow Him. Within these lessons, we will come to understand who Jesus is and why John described Him as the Word become Flesh. We will see Jesus talking to Nicodemus as He explains the awesome mystery of salvation. Jesus will reveal how He is the Bread of Life and the Good Shepherd. He will miraculously prove that He is the Resurrection and the Life. As the True Vine He calls us to committed discipleship and to a life and purpose that we cannot achieve in our own strength. He invites us to a personal relationship with Himself, now and forever.

Walking With The Wounded

Author: Mark McCrum
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748126430
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In April 2011, four soldiers - each a hero of recent conflicts who suffered devastating injuries in the line of duty - set out on a challenge that even an able-bodied athlete would balk at. A two-hundred mile trek, unsupported, to the North Pole. It was the culmination of a journey that began long before, when two friends decided to mount an expedition that would demonstrate how remarkable our armed forces are and raise funds for the rehabilitation of injured service men and women. Little did they know that their idea would ultimately gain global attention, and royal endorsement. The year-long selection process was more physically and emotionally draining than anyone had anticipated. But by September 2010 the final team was set: the two founders, four wounded soldiers, a polar guide, and patron Prince Harry. Once they'd ventured inside the arctic circle they had to contend with new challenges. Pulling sleds weighing more then 100kg over vast swathes of ice rubble, pressure ridges and dangerous open water 'leads'; constant daylight; ground that could literally tear itself apart beneath them as they slept; and temperatures as low as -35 degrees. And all the time, they had to be alert for signs of the notoriously aggressive Polar Bears that roam the desolate landscape. With every step fraught with risk, the trek tested its participants' resilience to the limit. Each of these brave men tells their story here, along with that of the extraordinary expedition itself - the rigorous training, the meticulous preparation, and of course, the final, awe-inspiring journey across the ice. They returned as heroes again - proof that strength of mind can be every bit as powerful as strength of body, and an inspiration to us all.

Walking With Jenny

Author: Jenny Wright
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450022057
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A lot of this book is written in the Southern Appalachian dialect of which I love because of it’s uniqueness. Except for a few short stories the rest of it is told in poetry form, although each poem has it’s own “story.” There’s some sadness, some happiness and a lot of humor. It’s a book that can be enjoyed by everyone who loves a humorous lyrical account of events, places and the people therein. Children, young adults and older folk can sit back , read and enjoy “A Walk with Jenny”.

Roy Wilkins

Author: Yvonne Ryan
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813143802
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Roy Wilkins (1901--1981) spent forty-six years of his life serving the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and led the organization for more than twenty years. Under his leadership, the NAACP spearheaded efforts that contributed to landmark civil rights legislation, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. In Roy Wilkins: The Quiet Revolutionary and the NAACP, Yvonne Ryan offers the first biography of this influential activist, as well as an analysis of his significant contributions to civil rights in America. While activists in Alabama were treading the highways between Selma and Montgomery, Wilkins was walking the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., working tirelessly in the background to ensure that the rights they fought for were protected through legislation and court rulings. With his command of congressional procedure and networking expertise, Wilkins was regarded as a strong and trusted presence on Capitol Hill, and received greater access to the Oval Office than any other civil rights leader during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. Roy Wilkins fills a significant gap in the history of the civil rights movement, objectively exploring the career and impact of one of its forgotten leaders. The quiet revolutionary, who spent his life navigating the Washington political system, affirmed the extraordinary and courageous efforts of the many men and women who braved the dangers of the southern streets and challenged injustice to achieve equal rights for all Americans.