We Are Human Angels

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Are you a human angel? Find out why this course can change your life. Have you always suffered because of your sensitivity? Have you always had the feeling of being out of place here on earth? Have you, from the very beginning, believed to be born for a greater purpose even though you did not know until now which one it could be? By taking this course you will find all of the answers to the most profound questions about who you are and the meaning of your presence here on earth. You will learn how to manage your intense sensitivity as a Human Angel and how to make the best use of it in helping others. “The 7 Keys to overcome the ego” and “The 7 keys to live with the heart in service to the Oneness” are the titles of the two parts of this course. Fourteen chapters to change your life forever, to guide you, step by step, on your journey in overcoming the ego and suffering, until the fulfilment of your true nature as a Human Angel. Within the pages of this book, you will find out that what seemed to be a burden weighing heavily on your shoulders over the years, were simply your wings. The book phenomenon of the web. The book We are Human Angels, with its unique story, is the book phenomenon of the web. It is a self-published book, and is only available online. Because of this, We are Human Angels has not been given the usual promotion and marketing efforts that publishing houses normally carry out with their newest releases. Nevertheless, in a very short time after its publication many readers of different nationalities, driven by the deep wish to share its message, spontaneously started to contact the authors offering to translate the book into their native languages. We are Human Angels can now count on many different translations (and other translations are yet to come) and has become the benchmark for the steadily increasing community of Human Angels in the world.

We Are Human Angels We Inspire Change

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This is the extended edition of We Are Human Angels - A Crash Course for Angelic Humans, the self-published book that has become a planetary phenomenon. The first edition has been spontaneously translated by readers from all over the world into 14 different languages. Now by popular demand here comes We are Human Angels, We Inspire Change - A Complete Course For Angelic Humans, the book that kicks into overdrive your angelic nature and makes you become a 'graduate' human angel in this world. The book has more than doubled in size, all the contents of the first edition have been put under a magnifying glass. We are Human Angels, We Inspire Change offers you a deep dive into every topic, including in-depth analysis and practical examples. It is a fully equipped wisdom package that gives you more tools to change your life forever, and to make the world a better place. If you are a badass truth seeker, you cannot miss this book. This course is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will be guided in finding out about the ego and its repetitive, painful patterns. Knowing how the ego works is the first step to getting rid of it, awakening the Human Angel within you, and finally shining all the light of your Being. You will learn how to: Dare to step outside of your comfort zone Develop compassion Be your own guru The second part of this book helps you to fulfill your mission as a Human Angel. In this section, you will learn how to manage your intense sensitivity as a Human Angel and how to make the best use of it in helping others. You will also learn how to turn the consciousness of the Oneness into action, to fully express it in your life and to spread it in every corner of the world. You will discover how to: Find your sense of purpose Connect with other like-minded people who, like you, are here to help humanity to evolve Live and act for a cause greater than yourself Your healing journey has finally been accomplished. Now you are ready to make a positive difference in this world.

Earth Angel

Autore: Karen J. Vivenzio RMT
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What if the revelation of a single, ancient secret had the power to restore a sense of identity, purpose, and freedom from fear to all who seek? What if all that was standing between you and a life of bliss was simply a change in your perception? EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light is your invitation to uncover the clues to your divine nature and ignite the radiance of your soul. A fresh perspective on the everyday stories that surround us and unique insight into ancient spiritual texts address the myths and misperceptions that have trapped the world in a collective web of fear for centuries, offering a positive path forward filled with healing and grace for all humankind. This higher level of understanding can help you create a much brighter life by forever changing how you view yourself and your role in the world. Practical exercises, affirmations, visualizations, and channeled messages can help you: Understand the reason for the re-emergence of angels in our world. Find your unique spiritual gifts and use them as a positive force in the world. Heal your fear and self-doubt to claim a life of grace, compassion, and self-acceptance. This is a journey of remembering, putting together the pieces of an ancient puzzle to create a new vision of what an angel is and what it means to be an earth angel in the modern world. Dare to be inspired, healed, and fulfilled by the vibration of the angels as the words within these pages resonate with the wisdom of your soul.

365 Wisdom Pills

Autore: Human Angels
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"Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom" From the authors of We Are Human Angels and 365 Mantras for Today, comes another inspiring book. 365 Wisdom Pills is the very first medicine that can heal your heart and soul! 365 Wisdom Pills is the quickest and most effective remedy when you feel lost and lonely in this frantic, noisy and sometimes even disturbing world, and also when you are looking for inspiration to help make wise and positive decisions. If you are striving for a ray of light in the temporary darkness of your life, from now on you have your own remedy and this remedy is called Wisdom Pills. Just pick up this book, open it, read one or two sentences or more (without the risk of overdosing) and you will achieve a higher and clearer understanding of the world in which you are living and of the people around you. You do not need a prescription for this medicine, as it can be taken by everyone, at any given moment.

The Bank Of Knowledge

Autore: Chad Love Lieberman
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Backpacking is a romantic way to explore your life and R.L Smith has written "Miss Cairn, I Love You" is for all people who find backpacking and romance can go together. While blending stories from his many years as an adult Boy Scout leader to his humorous way of leading the reader to follow "Miss Cairn" this beautiful pile of rocks. You will find stories about life's challenges and his wiliness to keep on hiking and backpacking. Miss Cairn will lead you through the Grand Canyon in a way that will entice you to go-seek-and see all the beauty she has to offer. Whether you just love life or you are a novice backpacker, you will find Miss Cairn a new and enjoyable way to explore, backpacking and doing what you love to do by following and placing cairns in your life. Read "Miss Cairn, I Love You," a help and a hope to enjoy life! R.L Smith

The Secret Strength Of Angels

Autore: Frederic Flach, MD
Editore: Hatherleigh Press
ISBN: 1578265444
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The perfect gift for the Angels in your life. A book to be treasured forever. Personal protectors…divine messengers…pure spirit…seraphim and cherubim…agents of God. We all have a notion of what angles are and what they should look like. We’ve seen angels portrayed in paintings, sculpture, movies, and TV. But even with hundreds of books and TV shows on angels, is there something about them we’ve missed? The Secret Strength of Angels is about the remarkable qualities that angels possess and what we humans can do to emulate them in our own lives here on earth. What’s secret about these virtues is not so much what these angel strengths are, but the idea that we can penetrate the shroud of mystery that surrounds them and identify very specific attributes–seven in particular–that we can make a part of our own personalities once we understand and appreciate them. This may come as a surprise to some. Even those of us who do believe in angels have traditionally thought of them as belonging to another realm, pure spirit, sometimes impish, sometimes heroic, agents of God, our personal protectors. We have been encouraged to model ourselves after elders deserving of respect, remarkable figures in history, saints. But this may be the first time that anyone has considered angels themselves as models for human behavior. The Secret Strength of Angels reminds us that it is not what angels are that is important, but rather what they do. Angels travel the world protecting people, performing altruistic acts, and making life better for those around them. In fact, there are seven specific strengths that angels exhibit, which Dr. Flach reveals: ■ The freedom to choose ■ The power of knowing ■ Love and generosity ■ Communicating ■ A mission to guide and protect ■ Healing and helping ■ A mission to become a more spiritual person Written with quiet confidence and authority, The Secret Strength of Angels provides a unique guide to confronting the day to day in the healthiest manner possible. Whether it helps you heal old wounds and change your behavior, or merely confirms what you already know, The Secret Strength of Angels is thought-provoking and interesting, and contains a message that can appeal to anyone. For every Angel on Earth.

Into Angels

Autore: Esme Conway
Editore: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412055792
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Set In Ireland, against a backdrop of movie sets, healing rooms & synchronistic events, Into Angles is a compeling, entertaining and inspirational story: search for fulfillment, meaning and love.


Autore: Madisyn Taylor
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This inspirational book delivers messages of healing, awareness, and well-being. A companion to the popular Daily OM Website, it is a valuable guide that will enable you to find balance and wellness through conscious awareness. As you read these passages, which touch on topics including meditation, relationships, nature, and more, you'll see that they'll make the journey of your life much more meaningful. The gentle and affirming wisdom contained within these pages is intended to make each of your days a little happier, less stressful, and more satisfying. It will introduce you to elements of Mother Nature's majesty that you may never have noticed before, guide you as you discover the inward peace you've longed for, and inspire you to embrace change in every corner of your existence. As you open your mind to the possibilities contained within, you'll discover that the power to create a fulfilling and more purposeful life was in you all along.


Autore: Ardis Dick Stenbakken
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Those Angels Called Humans

Autore: Jaime V. Altamirano, MD., MPH.
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It is essential for everyone to discover its human and spiritual double identity; to live or develop its own spiritual potential; and, to accomplish the true role or function for which each one was created. Life makes sense and takes clear direction when we guide our steps toward re-encountering our Creator, and the eternal destiny for our spiritual being. True love is a trinity of love: God is love in essence, and God himself is a trinity; God is the only source of love which pours onto us, so that we can correspond with love to God and spread it to all our brothers and sisters. HE WHO HAS DISCOVERED THE SECRETS OF TRUE LOVE HAS FOUND GOD AND HAS FOUND THE PATH TO ETERNAL SALVATION. A collection of paintings was created following specifically the main topics of this book by a renowned painting and sculpture artist Felix Berroa. This is a profound Theological reflection written with an amazing simplicity; inspired by the Spirit of God, without any deviation from the dogmas and doctrines of the Christian FAITH. Dr. Antonio Castro Guerrero. Professor of Philosophy and literature at the University of Loja- Ecuador

10th Edition Anunnaki Genetic Creation Of The Human Races Gods Angels Demons And Spirits

Autore: Maximillien De Lafayette
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Angels Among Us

Autore: Ron Rhodes
Editore: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736934111
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With stories of angelic encounters all around us, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries president Ron Rhodes delves into the biblical truth about these heavenly beings. Some current reports are so utterly remarkable they have captured widespread attention. Curiously, however, many of these seemingly celestial visitors have little in common with the angels of the Bible. Angels are very much involved in our lives today--of that we can be certain. But when it comes to angels, how can we tell what is real and what isn’t? Angels Among Us provides solid, biblically based answers to pressing questions through a fascinating--and highly inspirational--tour of God’s Word. Readers will discover who angels are, what they are like, what they do...and most exciting of all, the ministry they have today. This book has sold nearly 150,000 copies and now boasts an updated cover to bring its balanced message to new readers.

Angels And Us

Autore: Mortimer J. Adler
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439105782
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A wonderfully enlightening work on the affinities between angels and human beings. Mortimer Adler has always been ahead of his time. In 1982, before the current revival of interest in angels, Dr. Adler published "The Angels and Us," an engaging look at the various images and hierarchies of angels (including guardian angels). Dr. Adler, the bestselling author of "Ten Philosophical Mistakes," "Aristotle for Everybody," and "The Great Ideas," speculates on the existence of angels; why Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in angels, and the ways angels have been viewed as objects of religious belief and philosophical thought. This is a wonderfully enlightening work on the affinities between angels and human beings.

We Are All Angels

Autore: Marina Diwan
Editore: Edizioni Stazione Celeste
ISBN: 8862155123
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Meeting the Entities of Light who share with us our true identity, invite us to remember who we are and lead us on the way back home: "Creating is our duty. Transforming is the first step. We are now walking this part of the way together. This is the meaning of our personal and spiritual growth. A journey of Love to go back to Love."

How To See The Holy Spirit Angels And Demons

Autore: Gordon James Klingenschmitt
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630870870
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Are God, angels, and demons really invisible? Or can the spirits be seen with human eyes, through the lens of Church Ethics? The gift of discerning of spirits is indispensible to the study of church ethics. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), wrote two sets of Rules for Discerning of Spirits in his Spiritual Exercises in the early 1500s. He taught how the church can receive from God the gift to see otherwise invisible angels, demons, and the Holy Spirit. Ignatius' views were influenced by John Cassian, Jacobus de Voragine, Ludolph of Saxony, and Thomas à Kempis. Ignatius' Rules are exegeted in dialogue with contemporary scholars Karl Rahner, Hugo Rahner, Piet Penning de Vries, Jules Toner, and Timothy Gallagher, and applied to one study of ecclesial ethics in the narrative theology of Samuel Wells. A four-step Ignatian pneumato-ethical method is developed, which any analyst can follow to see the spirits, by consolation/desolation, consent, manifestation, and pneumato-ethics. This method revolutionizes how we study ecclesiology, soteriology, missiology/world religions, liturgy, worship, Eucharist, hermeneutics, homiletics, pastoral counseling, church history, and politics. The spirits are not invisible at all. They can be clearly discerned through the lens of ecclesial ethics.


Autore: Rudolf Steiner
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Religious and spiritual writings have always made reference to beings from the spiritual hierarchies, especially those known in Christian tradition as Angels. These spirits are the closest to human beings and act as our invisible guides and companions. They influence the life of the individual as well as the evolution of humanity and the cosmos. From his own clairvoyant vision, Rudolf Steiner confirmed the existence of such spiritual beings and showed how modern minds could gain access to their world. As he explains in these inspiring lectures, it is important for us to understand and cooperate with the work of the Angels today as this is crucial for the further development of humanity.

Communications From Your Angels

Autore: Shama Noorani Choudhary
Editore: Booktango
ISBN: 1468919547
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Communications From Your Angels is a compilation of channeled messages from the Archangels. While these messages were passed on at different points, and through various events, they work like everyday reminders to guide you back to what really matters in your life- the abundance of love. 'Communications from your Angels' has been printed as it was originally channeled, without any editions made by the human mind. The pure spiritual content has been maintained, so that it would not loose any of its efficacy and magic. There is no hard and fast rule for using this book to guide you as everyone has a unique style of using divination books and oracle cards. However the author would like to share an initial way of using this book, for those of you who are uncertain. For the e book you can open the chapters page, shut your eyes, then hover your curser over the titles, stop when you hear your higher self asks you to, then click on that particular page. You will be ever so pleased, to read the answer to what is most important in your life at that particular time, or an empowering affirmation and visualization for the day. For the physical copy, hold your book cupped within your hands, close your eyes, then think of the question you want an answer for. Once you have done this, fan the pages with your thumb and stop when your higher self asks you to; then open the page. 'Some of you may wonder what I mean when I say 'Listen to your higher self ' some may even get confused. Believe me, there is no need to allow confusion to stop you from imbibing from these empowering chapters, all you need to do is go with the flow and listen to your heart' says Shama.

Visits With Angels And Other Divine Beings

Autore: Laurie Conrad
Editore: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456750356
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This is a story about two young boys, who were living their lives like millions of other kids. But with some luck they are able to buy a cabin. Now they have a place of their own. Many different adventures await them. Not only did they have a lot of fun, but they grew up fast. Having a place of your own creates lots of responsibilities. They have to be friends and then also act as grown ups, but some of their classmates still take advantage of them. They have to figure out how to take control, and still keep their friends. This is how they become adults, and take control of different situations. They also go through many different experiences, but when they go their separate ways, one thing for sure they always remain friends.

Dream Angel The Rules

Autore: Stella Jackson
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146913909X
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Stella Jackson and her new sexy bodyguard, Julian Stone visit Rocky Mount, North Carolina to solve the mystery of her missing mother, Anna. Instead, she finds her grandmother, Celestial waiting at her grave site to give Stella the information she needs to find Anna. For Detective Reese, the problem is knowing Stella is going to be alone with Julian for five days! Neither man is her boyfriend which doesnt seem to matter to them. Julian leads Stella on her first mission to catch two evil cousins on a vicious crime spree. Both cousins are known as the Two Coreys. As Stella search for information about her mother, she befriends a woman who lost her entire family to the brutality of the Coreys. This woman becomes the first person Stella adds to her eclectic and angelic family. When they arrive at their hotel, Julian magically enters Stellas dreams and makes love to her setting off a chain of events he soon will come to regret. Stella is taught the rules of being a Sephilim angel and how to use her unusual supernatural powers. In doing so, she draws closer to Reese and he learns her secret. As Stella search for information about her mother, she befriends a woman who lost her entire family to the brutality of the Two Coreys. This woman becomes the first person Stella adds to her eclectic family. She is on her way to becoming a people hoarder. In the meantime, Jena tries to help Detective Reese find terrorists and she meets a new friend named Christopher. Julian displays his first sign of jealousy engaging Reese in their first fist fight while Stella watches in horror. This book will set the reader on a roller coaster ride they will never want to stop riding or reading.

365 Mantras For Today

Autore: Human Angels
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781494261641
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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We are all connected with the world around us. Our thoughts and our words can generate positive feelings in others, but they can also create anger, resentment, and bitterness. Everything always depends on how we relate ourselves to our world through the power of our thoughts. From now on, this power comes back to us in its fullness. The power of positive words and thoughts can be found in this book. The book's mantras will guide you on a journey that will give you peace of mind and the awareness to always be the best you, always ready to express only positive thoughts. Life can be sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. When we think positive, we attract only positive things and positive people into our lives as a reflection of who we are. It is simple, yet not so easy to do. This book will help you to do this without effort, without fear. The people around you will feel your positive energy, and the whole world will benefit from it.