The Whispering Room

Author: Dean Koontz
Editor: Bantam
ISBN: 0345546814
Size: 16,70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Jane Hawk—fiction’s most relentless, resourceful, stunning new heroine—continues her battle against a murderous conspiracy in the riveting sequel to The Silent Corner. “No time to delay. Do what you were born to do. Fame will be yours when you do this.” These are the words that ring in the mind of mild-mannered, beloved schoolteacher Cora Gundersun—just before she takes her own life, and many others’, in a shocking act of carnage. When the disturbing contents of her secret journal are discovered, it seems certain that she must have been insane. But Jane Hawk knows better. In the wake of her husband’s inexplicable suicide—and the equally mysterious deaths of scores of other exemplary individuals—Jane picks up the trail of a secret cabal of powerful players who think themselves above the law and beyond punishment. But the ruthless people bent on hijacking America’s future for their own monstrous ends never banked on a highly trained FBI agent willing to go rogue—and become the nation’s most wanted fugitive—in order to derail their insidious plans to gain absolute power with a terrifying technological breakthrough. Driven by love for her lost husband and by fear for the five-year-old son she has sent into hiding, Jane Hawk has become an unstoppable predator. Those she is hunting will have nowhere to run when her shadow falls across them. Don’t miss any of Dean Koontz’s gripping Jane Hawk thrillers: THE SILENT CORNER • THE WHISPERING ROOM • THE CROOKED STAIRCASE • THE FORBIDDEN DOOR • THE NIGHT WINDOW (Coming Soon!) Praise for The Whispering Room “Koontz has never exactly shied away from complex characters or situations. And this situation gets very complex indeed, as Jane pursues the people behind the conspiracy with the kind of single-minded relentlessness that makes the book absolutely spellbinding. As good as The Silent Corner was, this one’s even better. . . . Koontz is on another roll with a new series that boasts a juicy premise and a compelling star. . . . Pure gold.”—Booklist (starred review) “A deeply layered, satisfying thriller that is character-driven and nearly impossible to put down . . . grounded in many real-world, current issues . . . [The Whispering Room] never loses sight of the classic political/sci-fi/thriller elements that make it so much fun to read.”—Bookreporter

The Whispering Room

Author: Amanda Stevens
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460301587
Size: 16,75 MB
Format: PDF
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Work is a welcome refuge for New Orleans homicide detective Evangeline Theroux. Feeling suffocated by her new baby, in whose eyes she sees only her dead husband, she throws herself into a high-profile murder case. Reclusive writer Lena Saunders offers Evangeline a provocative theory about the crime: it is the work of a lunatic vigilante. Lena spins the sordid story of Ruth and Rebecca Lemay, whose mother brutally murdered her male children in an insane effort to root out an "evil" gene. The girls survived and grew to adulthood—but one is carrying on her mother's grisly work. When the case takes a terrifyingly personal turn, Evangeline's whole life will depend on a crucial, impossible choice: the lesser of two evils.

Whispering Memories That Haunt The Soul

Author: Kay Riche
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466936401
Size: 12,51 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 940

This book creates beauty out of your everyday moments. This disquieting yet emotionally satisfying novel is written for young adults but a pleasure for any reader. The surprise is not in how two soulful spirits are connected but in the way they weave together to the books finely spun ending. The book is about a young girl who has lost her mother at an early age during 1900s. Shes the only girl in a family of seven children. Her mother dies very tragically on a lake when she was only four years old. This is about how a family handles a death of a loved one and still goes on to become a complete family. The sacrifices that families make in order for their children to be successful. Almost like todays world? Annies mom was a brilliant concert piano player and renowned in many music halls of New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Annie gets all the right scholarships and awards to be able to go to St. Claires Academy for girls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of course, loneliness and fears set in for the fourteen-year-old teenager. In time, she connects with friends and meets a wonderful girl named Rebecca that becomes her lifelong friend. Coincidently enough, Rebecca also has the same family scenario as Annie. No mother, a large family, and a talented mother who also has died. Both moms were piano concert players, beautiful women, and highly respected in their towns. As wealthy as Rebeccas dad was, Richard, Annies father, was not. Time passes and Annie and Rebecca hear music being played during the night from the forbidden room at the attic as they sleep, but they are awakened. This room has been forbidden from day one, and all were told to never ever go near this room. During many nights, the music plays, and Rebecca and Annies curiosity leads them to the forbidden room. It was a visit the girls would never forget.

Whispering Smith

Author: Frank H. Spearman
Editor: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 0865346968
Size: 18,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 476

Disaster stalked the rails from the day the division superintendent of a pioneer Western railroad fired the wrecking boss, Murray Sinclair, for looting smashed freight cars. Sinclair and his bandits began a reign of terror, burning bridges, and holding up trains. In desperation, the railroad called in Whispering Smith, its ace troubleshooter. Smith, however, was conflicted about this job. Sinclair had once been his best friend and was the husband of the woman Smith loved.

Annals Of Klepsis

Author: R. A. Lafferty
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473213592
Size: 18,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 469

OH COME TO KLEPSIS TO CLAIM YOUR SHARE ... AND BREATHE THE RANK AND LAWLESS AIR! Plots and intrigues and romances abound. Smoke pictures, ghosts and treasure chests to be found. Magnifying monocles and hallucinogenic grapes - the unvoiced dreams of the dregs of space. Long John Tony Tyrone, the peg-legged historian, journeys here... And marries a princess with rainbow hair. But the Ghost of Christopher Brannagan will not rest Until mathematician Aloysius has put to the test His theory concerning the Doomsday Equation Which might save the plane from total devastation. Or might not.

Whispering Children

Author: Peter Minshall
ISBN: 1411689690
Size: 11,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 750

Whispering Children A(c) (Paperback Edition) is a simple story about a belief in the future, as relevant now, as it was at the dawning of Mankind. It is a view of harmony between nations, seen through the eyes of children. Whilst it does depict the horrors of modern warfare and the implications of global warming, it is also a love story between a young Scottish soldier, wounded on a UN peacekeeping mission and a girl from childhood, with whom he meets by chance during a world summit in Scotland. Eight children symbolising all religions, who accompany their parents attending the summit, are sent to the Soldier's ancestral home in the Scottish countryside. A British Army colonel, responsible for security, kidnaps the children in a ransom attempt to rock the summit. Brought together in this manner, the children end up causing a very different outcome. Whispering Children has been written for the enjoyment of all ages and all nations.


Author: Jane Aiken Hodge
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1448213967
Size: 10,56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 582

When Caterina Gomez returns to her beloved home of Oporto, Portugal, her troubles have only just begun. For the country is at war with France, and, even though Oporto is no longer in French hands, it is a shadow of its former self. The scandalous cloud she left under is still not forgotten, and her cruel and distant father insists on a hasty marriage or the convent. Half English and half Portuguese, she must walk a fine line between both societies, which is all made near impossible considering her troubled past. Thankfully, her dear friend Miss Harriet Brown and cousin Jeremy Craddock have accompanied her from England. But Harriet can only offer comfort whilst sharing in her fate, and Jeremy ? who is seeking treatment for his ill health ¬? becomes distracted by his fair and pretty healer. Then Caterina's past resurfaces in a most confusing manner in the shape of Luiz, her childhood sweetheart, drawing her further into the tangles of political intrigue. Romantic as the adventure is, Caterina must try to keep a cool head on her shoulders in order to find out quickly those who can be trusted, and those who are not what they appear. For she has a secret, one that must be guarded at all costs... Whispering, first published in 1995, is another great historical romance from the master of the genre ? Jane Aiken Hodge.

Winewoman Bergerac France

Author: Helen Gillespie-Peck
Editor: Melrose Press
ISBN: 0954848098
Size: 12,25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 257

Based on the author's many years of experience in the world of wine and life in rural France, this title begins with the purchase of a 'new ruin' farmhouse in Bergerac. Chasing the French rural idyll, it discovers that her dilapidated home would benefit more from a rebuild than a simple restoration.

Whispering Pines

Author: Morris Paschall
Editor: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1602479089
Size: 12,12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 812

Jim Downing is a seventy-year-old man living in a nursing home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He is not there by choice, but his poor health has required it. For different reasons, he never married and is alone in the world. His family lives far from him and is unable to assist him in any way. His life takes a quick change when a new health professional enters into his life and squelches the cynical ways he has developed over the ten years at Whispering Pines. Oddly enough, he develops a love for her, but feels he must hide it for fear of being seen simply as an old man infatuated with a younger woman. But when a miraculous event occurs later in Jim's life, he gets another chance at living and finding a true love. Author Dr. Morris Paschall is new to the fictional writing scene. For the most part, his writing has been confined to numerous human interest stories for a local newspaper and articles for educational purposes. He earned doctorate from a Texas University and has spent most of his professional life as an administrator at a community college in the same state. His experience in both the private and public educational scenes has given him opportunities to view different personalities at many age levels. Those experiences have helped him develop the characters in this book.

Blood Of The Emperor

Author: Tracy Hickman
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101597534
Size: 11,91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 943

It appears that an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled as the human named Drakis—formerly one of countless warrior-slaves to the elves of the Rhonas Empire—returns from his quest in the North. Flying into the rebel camp with his surviving companions on the backs of the legendary dragons that were once humankind's most powerful allies, Drakis is hailed as the champion of all the slave races. But it is not a prophecy that drives Drakis in his war against the elves and their emperor. Rather it is his burning desire for revenge against the cruel ruler whom Drakis believes has stolen any chance he has for finding peace. And this hatred will set Drakis and his rebel army on a path that may not only bring down the emperor, but Drakis and his entire world as well....