White Lies

Author: Jessie Daniels
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134716389
Size: 18,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 400

White supremacist groups have traditionally been viewed as "fringe" groups to be ignored, dismissed, or at most, observed warily. White Lies investigates the white supremacist imagination, and argues instead that the ideology of these groups is much closer to core American values than most of us would like to believe. The book explores white supremacist ideology through an analysis of over 300 publications from a variety of white supremacist organizations. It examines the discourse of these publications and the ways in which "whites," "blacks," and "Jews" are constructed within that discourse.

White Lies

Author: Denis Herbstein
Editor: James Currey Publishers
ISBN: 9780852558850
Size: 14,62 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 296

Herbstein charts Canon Collins' single-minded campaign to provide material support to those waging the struggle against apartheid.

White Lies About The Inuit

Author: John Steckley
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781551118758
Size: 14,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 211

In this lively book, designed specifically for introductory students, Steckley unpacks three white lies: the myth that there are fifty-two words for snow, that there are blond, blue-eyed Inuit descended from the Vikings, and that the Inuit send off their elders to die on ice floes.

Black Flag White Lies

Author: Jean Brashear
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426827474
Size: 10,80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 519

Ex-socialite and new widow Zoe Lane Hitchens isn't exactly sure how she's going to face NASCAR driver Will Branch. Ten years ago Zoe fell madly in love with Will and became pregnant with his child—but chose another man to share her life. Will is totally focused on winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship this year…until he learns about the death of Zoe's husband. Suddenly his world shifts. He's once more in love, and astoundingly, father to a young boy. How can he possibly be a good parent to his newfound son…without sacrificing his dream?

White Lies Black Blood

Author: Ken Blanch
Editor: Seagle Crime Stories
ISBN: 0994310129
Size: 20,19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 570

This is the chilling, but little-known story of an Aboriginal man named Kipper Billy who was accused falsely in 1861 of aiding and abetting the rape of a white woman near Ipswich, Queensland, and sentenced to hang in the old Brisbane Gaol that stood then on the modern site of The Barracks Precinct, now one of Brisbane's most upmarket shopping and restaurant venues. There was already doubt about the black men's guilt when Kipper Billy tried to break from the prison to escape the injustice of the gallows, an escape attempt that led to his death and which is recorded to this day as an illegal act.

Red Earth White Lies

Author: Vine Deloria
Editor: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 9781555913885
Size: 13,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 448

Challenges scientific versions of evolution and creation, offering an alternative view of North American history

White Lies

Author: Witi Ihimaera
Editor: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited
ISBN: 1775533077
Size: 11,81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 99

A powerful, prize-winning novella from the much-loved author of The Whale Rider, plus a moving screenplay, film stills and commentary on writing and movie making. A medicine woman - a giver of life - is asked to hide a secret that may protect a position in society, but could have fatal consequences. When she is approached by the servant of a wealthy woman, three very different women become players in a head-on clash of beliefs, deception and ultimate salvation. This compelling story tackles moral dilemmas, exploring the nature of identity, societal attitudes to the roles of women and the tension between Western and traditional Maori medicine. This book, though, is also about the richness of creativity, illustrating the way a single story can take on different lives. The original novella, Medicine Woman, has been rewritten and expanded by Witi Ihimaera to become White Lies. It has also evolved into a screenplay by internationally acclaimed director and screenwriter Dana Rotberg, which has been made into a superb film by South Pacific Pictures. Thus this book offers an intriguing insight into the process of adapting work, as well as offering new versions of this potent story. Nga Kupu Ora - Aotearoa Maori Book Awards 2013, winner of the Te Pakimaero / Fiction category

White Lies

Author: John Samson
Editor: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801422805
Size: 11,13 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 834

Samson offers full contextual readings of Melville's five major narratives of facts—Typee, Omoo, Redburn, White-Jacket, and Israel Potter—demonstrating how Melville critically rewrote the sources on which he drew, making the genre itself a subject.

White Lies

Author: Cathy Hopkins
Editor: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
ISBN: 1848122837
Size: 17,15 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 258

What would happen if you always told nothing but the truth? Cat's always been the perfect girl next door. Thoughtful friend. Supportive girlfriend. Surrogate mother to her three younger siblings, a great help to her dad since her mum died. But now Cat's facing some major dilemmas. A game of Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise lands her in hot water when she's asked a truth she can't reveal. On top of this she doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend by telling him the truth, but she knows it's over between them. Is it right to tell lies to protect people or keep the peace? Can the truth be too hurtful? Cat tries to sort all of this out and in doing so discovers a lot about herself and others.

White Lies

Author: Lynn Michell
Editor: Lynn Michell
ISBN: 0957005075
Size: 20,82 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 839

The date is 1937. The place Liverpool. Mary escapes a loveless childhood by marrying an infantry soldier who glories in active service.The date is 1952. The place Nairobi. The Mao Mau are rising up to reclaim their land in bloody guerrilla warfare. Mary's adulterous love affair unfolds in the empty rooms and grounds of deserted colonial houses. Trysts go unnoticed until political and personal events move towards their shocking finale. Spanning four decades, this is a novel of both epic proportion and intimate narration. At its heart is the poignant and powerful love affair between Mary, the young wife of an infantry soldier, and an intelligence officer who truly understands Africa and its plight. Their secret meetings are conveniently camouflaged by the hysteria and violence surrounding the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya. We watch Mary from her too-young marriage, to her success in the Red Cross during WWII, to the jaded reunion with her husband, to the headlong passion of mature love. The ending is a bombshell.This story, spanning four decades, is told by Mary, her husband, David, and their young children, Eve and Clara, who listen at doors and speak their own fear-fuelled version of the truth.White Lies is about different kinds of war and different kinds of loving. It explores the fragility and partiality of memory and our need to re-write the past so that it does not jar with the stories we tell ourselves and others.