William Armstrong

Author: Henrietta Heald
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William George Armstrong was a visionary inventor, scientist and businessman who bestrode the 19th-century world like a colossus, bringing global renown to his Elswick works at Newcastle upon Tyne, which employed 25,000 people in the manufacture of hydraulic cranes, ships and armaments. He created Cragside in Northumberland, and planted in its grounds seven million trees; his guests at Cragside included the Shah of Persia, the King of Siam, the Prime Minister of China and two future British kings. Magician of the North is much more than the life of one man, however. It is the story of Britain at the height of empire, riding the crest of industrial and technological success. The Queen and the Prince Consort played a vital role in fostering the scientific ferment, but so did characters such as Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley.

William Armstrong And British Policy Making

Author: Kevin Theakston
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This book offers a detailed account of the life and career of William Armstrong, the most influential civil servant in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s, and one of the most powerful and significant Whitehall officials in the post-1945 period. He was at the centre of the British government policy-making machine for over 30 years – the very incarnation of the ‘permanent government’ of the country. He was the indispensable figure at the right hand of successive Chancellors of the Exchequer, and a reforming Head of the Civil Service. His role and power was such that he was controversially dubbed ‘deputy prime minister’ under Edward Heath. The book also casts light on wider institutional, political and historical issues around the working and reform of the civil service and the government machine, the policy-making process, and the experience in office of Labour and Conservative governments from the 1940s to the 1970s. ;;;;;;;;;;;

Lillian Nordica S Hints To Singers

Author: William Armstrong
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Hints To Singers

Author: Lillian Nordica
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Selecting the right teacher, developing confidence, overcoming stage fright, and many other important skills receive thoughtful discussion in this indispensible guide, written by a world-famous diva of 4 decades' experience.

Virginia Colonial Militia 1651 1776

Author: William Armstrong Crozier
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PRESTATISTICS gives you the skills you need to be successful in statistics, whether you are just out of high school or haven't taken a mathematics course in years. Each section in PRESTATISTICS concludes with a paragraph titled "Why We Learned It" that shows you the connection between the topics learned in that section and statistics--and how it will be helpful to you in an introductory statistics course. Nine hundred videos including lectures, example solutions and quick-check exercise walkthroughs enable you to learn the way you want to learn, and WebAssign--a flexible and fully customizable online solution available with this text--empowers you to prepare for class with confidence

Merchant Sail

Author: William Armstrong Fairburn
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Early Virginia Marriages Pt I

Author: William Armstrong Crozier
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Just Wind

Author: William Armstrong
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Two pioneer balloonists, Tom Gatch in 1974 and Larry Newman in the early 1990s, led widely reported stratospheric expeditions that nearly earned them a place in aviation history. They both used pressurized balloons, a dangerous and sophisticated type of aircraft, and sought the swift wind of the jet stream to carry them forward. In the first story, a determined, self-financed and self-reliant Tom Gatch in his Light Heart tries to become the first man to conquer the Atlantic Ocean alone by balloon. Ascending under a 10-balloon cluster, he makes it halfway across before disappearing, and the Department of Defense mounts a massive but futile mid-ocean search. What happened to him? Why did he do it? In the second story, Larry Newman leads an international crew in Earthwinds, the most expensive and heavily marketed balloon expedition ever undertaken, attempting to become the first to fly around the world non-stop. He often said that his 354-foot tall aircraft was more complicated to fly than the Space Shuttle. He makes three ascents, each with a different crew. With amusing, anguishing and astonishing frankness, the aeronautical adventures of Light Heart and Earthwinds are presented for the first time from a true insider's perspective.