Witch Way To Murder

Author: Shirley Damsgaard
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061758590
Size: 17,62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 758

Bewitched meets Murder She Wrote in this delightful new cozy mystery series featuring Ophelia Jensen, small town librarian and reluctant psychic, and her grandmother Abby, a benevolent witch. Thirty something Ophelia Jensen wants to live a quiet life as a small town librarian. She's created a comfortable existence with her kooky, colorful grandmother Abby, and if it were up to her, they could live out their days—along with Ophelia's dog Lady and cat Queenie—in peace and quiet. But, to Ophelia's dismay, she and Abby aren't a typical grandmother/granddaughter duo. She possesses psychic powers, and Abby is a kindly witch. And while Ophelia would do anything to dismiss her gift—harboring terrible guilt after her best friend was killed and she was unable to stop it—threatening events keep popping up, forcing her to tap into her powers of intuition. To make matters worse, a strange—yet devastatingly attractive—man is hanging around Ophelia's library, and no matter how many times she tells him she's sworn off men forever, he persists. Soon this handsome newcomer reveals he's following a lead on a local drug ring, and then a dead body shows up right in Abby's backyard. And much as Ophelia would like to put away her spells forever, she and Abby must use their special powers to keep themselves, and others, out of harm's way.

Witch Way To Hallows Bay

Author: N.M. Howell
Editor: Dungeon Media Corp.
Size: 20,84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 887

Cats, cookies, and murder? Talk about an unfortunate recipe for a Halloween celebration. After finding out her job at the Brimstone Press is at risk when a misogynistic journalist from her past is hired, clever witch and accidental cat lady River Halloway doesn’t think her day could get any worse. That is, until someone new to town is mysteriously killed during the Hallows’ Bay Halloween celebration. To make matters worse, one of the most beloved people in town is accused of the murder. Now, not only must River uncover the mystery and be the first to write the story for the sake of saving her career, but she must find who the real killer is before her dear friend gets sent to prison for murder. Witch Way to Hallows Bay is the second book in N.M. Howell’s Brimstone Bay paranormal cozy mystery series. If you're a fan of Amanda M. Lee, Amorette Anderson, and Michelle M. Pillow, then be sure to get your fill of magic, mystery, and murder with these fun small town light-read mystery books filled with cats, ghosts, and a whole lot of witchy magic. BRIMSTONE BAY Murder Any Witch Way Witch Way to Hallows' Bay Bewitch You a Merry Christmas Witch Souls to Save

Murder Any Witch Way

Author: N.M. Howell
Editor: Dungeon Media Corp.
Size: 13,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 780

When a haunted house reveals more than just ghosts... ...the sleepy town of Brimstone Bay finally wakes up. When young witch River Halloway moves to the small town of Brimstone Bay for her very first journalist job, she doesn’t expect to cover anything ground-breaking. That is, until a paranormal festival comes to town and a body is found on opening night. Now, with all evidence pointing towards a witch, River must find the true killer before she becomes the prime suspect. Or worse, the next murder victim. Murder Any Witch Way is the first book in N.M. Howell’s Brimstone Bay Mysteries paranormal cozy mystery series. If you're a fan of Amanda M. Lee, Annabel Chase, Elle Adams, and Kristen Painter, then be sure to get your fill of magic, mystery, and murder with these fun small town light-read mystery books filled with cats, ghosts, and a sinister amount of trouble. BRIMSTONE BAY MYSTERIES Murder Any Witch Way Witch Way to Hallows' Bay Bewitch You a Merry Christmas Witch Souls to Save

Witch Way To Secrets And Sorcery

Author: Jane Hinchey
ISBN: 9780648862925
Size: 15,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 440

Tiny the giant fairy is intent on making life difficult for the residents of Whitefall Cove. But what happens when the cranky mechanic turns up dead in her garage? Tiny and I have something in common. We share a birthday. So when a mysterious gift turns up on my doorstep that could have had me joining Tiny in the ever-after, I'm immediately suspicious. Add to that Tiny's death was staged to look like an accident and I'm convinced foul play was involved. While I'm busy searching for clues, Gran is busy creating havoc at her new role as Advanced Potion's teacher at Drixworths Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She's already on her third warning and I fear the powers that be will not be embracing her unorthodox teaching methods anytime soon. When another body drops, coincidentally sharing a birthday with Tiny and me, I have a sneaking suspicion the killer will not quit until I'm dead. With my birthday celebrations on hold, I call the murder club to order-we have a mystery to solve and a killer to catch. This paranormal murder mystery will have you completely spellbound and laughing out loud!

The Wizard Of Oz And Philosophy

Author: Randall E. Auxier
Editor: Open Court
ISBN: 0812697820
Size: 12,33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 376

From the bedtime story by L. Frank Baum to the classic 1939 film, no story has captured the imaginations of generations of children — and adults — like The Wizard of Oz. The story of Dorothy’s journey through Oz, the colorful characters, places, songs, and dialogue have permeated popular culture around the world. The contributors to this volume take a very close look at The Wizard of Oz and ask the tough questions about this wonderful tale. They wonder if someone can possess a virtue without knowing it, and if the realm of Oz was really the dream or if Kansas was the dream. Why does water melt the Wicked Witch of the West and why does Toto seem to know what the other characters can’t seem to figure out? The articles included tackle these compelling questions and more, encouraging readers to have discussions of their own.

Any Witch Way But Dead

Author: Ruby Blaylock
Editor: JB Woods
Size: 15,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 116

Who can you trust when you don't know who you are? Twyla and her sisters are having a spell of a time settling down now that their fae father is back in their lives. Despite living under the same roof, he's as much a mystery to them as ever before. When several members of the supernatural community are murdered, a disturbing pattern emerges. They appear to have been killed by one of their own people, but who? Can Twyla, Ree, and Sissy figure out who's killing the fae before someone they love becomes the next victim? And how can they know where to place their own loyalties when the women know so little about their faery heritage? As tensions between supernaturals and humans grow, so does Twyla's confidence as a witch. Can she and her sisters control their growing magical abilities and use them to save their town? And will Twyla's friendship with Hank finally grow into something more? Welcome back to Frog Hollow, Mississippi, where being a little unusual is not uncommon...

Witch Way To Mintwood

Author: Addison Creek
ISBN: 9781090635396
Size: 20,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 227

House falling down? Check. Pet sitting job with annoying clients? Check. Ability to speak to ghosts, which has the unfortunate side effect of having to listen to what they say back? Double check! Hot high school crush still in town being all successful and stuff while you protest his building projects? All kinds of checks! Did anyone say Witch of Mintwood? Yup! Just add murder and this will be a week to remember!

On The Way To A Coup D Etat

Author: Ron Means
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477178856
Size: 10,87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 985

On the Way to a Coup d'Etat is a dramatic story, a searing scrutiny of our politics and government. Though set in the near future, it is an entirely credible development of the forces that are now in play. President Millwright, elevated to office by an unusual event, is short, balding, he limps and has a high squeaky voice (as did Abraham Lincoln). But he possesses something more essential: character. He is opposed in every conceivable way, some of which are horrific, by nefarious politicians, truth-distorting think-tanks and media, and by many members of Congress too greedy or too fearful to align with their consciences-and even by a bizarre cultural hero. This opposition proves to be successful. But how things turn is truly convincing as America, while on the surface continues to lie to itself, continues to decline. Yet On the Way to a Coup d'Etat is a surprisingly uplifting story, due in part to the believable characters of both President Millwright and his wife, Ann. These folks are more human and more alive than many of our current politicians. One of the underlying themes in this remarkably astute book is an in-depth examination of what it means to lead a country, especially a country in trouble. Bob Scher, author of Lightning, The Nature of Leadership

The Last Witch Of Langenburg Murder In A German Village

Author: Thomas Robisheaux
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393247732
Size: 20,28 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 137

A young mother dies in agony. Was it a natural death, murder—or witchcraft? On the night of the festive holiday of Shrove Tuesday in 1672 Anna Fessler died after eating one of her neighbor's buttery cakes. Could it have been poisoned? Drawing on vivid court documents, eyewitness accounts, and an early autopsy report, historian Thomas Robisheaux brings the story to life. Exploring one of Europe's last witch panics, he unravels why neighbors and the court magistrates became convinced that Fessler's neighbor Anna Schmieg was a witch—one of several in the area—ensnared by the devil. Once arrested, Schmieg, the wife of the local miller, and her daughter were caught up in a high-stakes drama that led to charges of sorcery and witchcraft against the entire family. Robisheaux shows how ordinary events became diabolical ones, leading magistrates to torture and turn a daughter against her mother. In so doing he portrays an entire world caught between superstition and modernity.

Meow Is For Murder

Author: Linda O. Johnston
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1440674558
Size: 12,96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 627

Another purr-fect Pet Sitting mystery. The last thing pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne wants is to start a catfight with her boyfriend's ex-wife, Amanda. So she agrees to help when Amanda's stalker turns up dead in her home-but only if Amanda will take her claws out of her ex for good.