Xinhua News Bulletin

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News From Xinhua News Agency China

Author: Hsin hua t?ung hsün shê
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China S Transformations

Author: Lionel M. Jensen
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 0742573230
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This successor volume to China beyond the Headlines takes the reader even farther beyond the "front stage" to explore a China few Westerners have seen. The contributors argue that the great gap between what specialists understand and the general public believes has led to distorted and potentially dangerous misunderstandings of the most powerful emerging player on the global stage. Seeking to bridge that gap, a group of prominent scholars, journalists, and activists challenge readers to move past the typical images of China presented by the media and to think about the common problems shared by China and the United States. In an entirely new set of essays, they explore such critical issues as environmental degradation, nationalism, unemployment, film and literature, news reporting, the Internet, sex tourism, and the costs of the economic boom to vividly portray the complexity of life in contemporary China and how surprisingly often it speaks to the American experience. Contributions by: Bei Dao, Susan D. Blum, Timothy Cheek, Martin Fackler, John Gittings, Howard Goldblatt, Peter Hays Gries, Sandra Teresa Hyde, Lionel M. Jensen, Tong Lam, Sylvia Li-chun Lin, Jonathan Noble, Tim Oakes, David Ownby, Judith Shapiro, Timothy B. Weston, and Xiao Qiang

Food Production In The People S Republic Of China

Author: Anthony M. Tang
Editor: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
ISBN: 0896290174
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China Under The Four Modernizations

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The New Cambridge Handbook Of Contemporary China

Author: Colin Mackerras
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521786744
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Completely revised and updated, the New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China is an indispensable and manageable guide to the world's most populous nation. Emphasising the period from the 1990s, the book covers and includes the following subjects: a chronology detailing events since 1949; politics and law; biographies of eminent individuals; an annotated bibliography of books, journals and websites relevant to China in the 1990s and beyond; foreign relations, especially with the United States and Russia; the economy, including China's main economic reform programs and objectives; education; population and a gazetteer. With an excellent selection of figures, diagrams and maps, this book will be the standard reference to contemporary China for students, teachers, journalists, travelers, academic and government researchers, business people, policy-makers and general readers.

Who Was Who In The People S Republic Of China

Author: Wolfgang Bartke
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110968231
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A Glossary Of Political Terms Of The People S Republic Of China

Author: Gucheng Li
Editor: Chinese University Press
ISBN: 9789622016156
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"A glossary of political terms of the People's Republic of China is a collection of 560 important and frequently-used Chinese political terms and phrases that appeared between 1949 and 1990. Each entry begins with an explanation of the term and its origin, a description of how and under what circumstances the term was used, and a discussion of the changes of meaning over the years, as well as the political and social significance of the words."--Jacket.

Private Business In China

Author: Willy Kraus
Editor: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824814007
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Marketing Dictatorship

Author: Anne-Marie Brady
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742540576
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There has been rapid growth in biomedical engineering in recent decades, given advancements in medical imaging and physiological modelling and sensing systems, coupled with immense growth in computational and network technology, analytic approaches, visualization and virtual-reality, man-machine interaction and automation. Biomedical engineering involves applying engineering principles to the medical and biological sciences and it comprises several topics including biomedicine, medical imaging, physiological modelling and sensing, instrumentation, real-time systems, automation and control, signal processing, image reconstruction, processing and analysis, pattern recognition, and biomechanics. It holds great promise for the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical conditions, in particular, as we can now target direct clinical applications, research and development in biomedical engineering is helping us to develop innovative implants and prosthetics, create new medical imaging technologies and improve tools and techniques for the detection, prevention and treatment of diseases. The contributing authors in this edited book present representative surveys of advances in their respective fields, focusing in particular on techniques for the analysis of complex biomedical data. The book will be a useful reference for graduate students, researchers and industrial practitioners in computer science, biomedical engineering, and computational and molecular biology.

China S Relations With Japan In An Era Of Economic Liberalisation

Author: Dong Dong Zhang
Editor: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781560726258
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The main purpose of this book is to explore the influences of reform on changes in China's economic relations with Japan after the late 1970s. There are three reasons for investigating the links between Chinese reform and bilateral economic relations at this particular juncture in history. First, in the past two decades reform has meant that China has enjoyed faster economic growth then Japan. This has transformed the pattern of bilateral economic relations, hitherto characterised by an industrial Japanese economy and a resource-based Chinese economy, a result of Japan's successful industrialisation and China's failure to industrialise in the previous hundred years. Second, reform has brought about the deepening of the interdependence between the Chinese economy and the world economy. Through links with the world economy, the Chinese economy has not only come to rely on foreign countries for technology, capital, markets and management skills, but has itself become a growth pole, exerting a strong impact on world economic growth. In the reform era, economic relations between China and Japan have been woven into regional and global economic networks of trade an investment. Third, reform has transformed the management of China's domestic and external economic activities.

Managing Social Change And Social Policy In Greater China

Author: Ka-Ho Mok
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134575149
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East Asia is at the heart of the global economic transformation, and the countries of the region are witnessing rapidly changing labour markets, alongside the pressure to cut production costs and lower taxes in order to become successful ‘competition states’. These changes have resulted in increased welfare demands which governments, organizations and agencies across the region have had to address. This book examines welfare regimes in the Greater China region, encompassing mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In so doing, it explores the ways in which the rapid growth and internationalisation of the economy across Greater China is presenting new social policy challenges that governments, social welfare organizations and agencies in the region are having to respond to. Rather than simply describing and categorising welfare systems, the contributors to this volume add to our understanding of how one of the major economic transformations of the contemporary era in East Asia is shaping welfare provision in the region. In turn, in this context of economic change, they examine the new strategies and measures that have been adopted in order to reduce the heavy burden on the state in terms of welfare provision, whilst also attempting to diversify funding and provision sources to meet the pressing welfare needs. Based upon extensive fieldwork by leading scholars of social policy, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Asian social policy, comparative development and social policy, social welfare and Chinese studies.

Two Billion Eyes

Author: Ying Zhu
Editor: The New Press
ISBN: 1595584641
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As China navigates the murky waters of a “third way” with liberal economic policies under a strict political regime, the surprising battleground for China’s future emerges in the country’s highest rated television network—China Central Television, or CCTV. With 16 internationally broadcast channels and over 1.2 billion viewers, CCTV is a powerhouse in conveying Chinese news and entertainment. The hybrid nature of the network has also transformed it into an unexpected site of discourse in a country that has little official space for negotiation. While CCTV programming is state sponsored—and censored—the popularity and profit of the station are determined by the people. And as the Chinese Communist Party seeks to exert its own voice on domestic and international affairs, the prospect of finding an amenable audience becomes increasingly paramount. Through a series of interviews with a fascinating cast of power players including a director of a special topic program that incited the 1989 student movement, current and past presidents of CCTV, and producers at the frontline of the network’s rapidly evolving role in Chinese culture, celebrated media analyst Ying Zhu unlocks a doorway to political power that has long been shrouded in mystery.

The Republic Of China On Taiwan

Author: Constance A. Johnson
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788185724
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This annotated bibliography lists English-language materials about the law of the Republic of China (ROC) published between 1965 and 1986. In addition to works on Chinese law, items about Taiwan's international status and the effect of the recognition by the U.S. of the People's Republic of China (PRC) are included. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically, with a topical index that cross references articles and books under more than one subject heading where appropriate. A list of legal texts in English translation is appended.

The Dance Of 17 Lives

Author: Mick Brown
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408819481
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In January 2000, two Ambassador taxis twisted their way up the narrow road leading towards Dharamsala in the Himalayan foothills of northern India - the home-in-exile of the Dalai Lama. In one taxi was a fourteen-year-old boy, the 17th Karmapa, one of the most important figures in Tibetan Buddhism. The boy's arrival in Dharamsala was the culmination of an extraordinary escape which had brought him 900 miles across the Himalayas, in conditions of high danger, from the monastery in Tibet where he had lived since he was seven years old. Fascinated by this charismatic young figure, Mick Brown travelled to Dharamsala to meet him, and found himself drawn into the labyrinthine - not to say surreal - web of intrigue surrounding the 17th Karmapa's recognition and young life.

Investment In Processing Industry Turns Chinese Apples Into Juice Exports

Author: Fred Gale
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437940854
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This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Profiles the remarkable growth in China¿s apple juice concentrate exports since the 1990s and analyzes the factors behind the boom. Investment in the juice processing industry brought apples from China to the world market in the form of apple juice concentrate. The U.S. is the largest buyer, and concentrate from China now accounts for two-thirds of the U.S. apple juice supply. China¿s juice industry sustained its dramatic growth by expanding into the country¿s hinterland with support from officials eager to develop the poor northwestern region. In recent years, rising apple prices have begun to act as a brake on the industry¿s expansion, and the industry faces challenges in improving the quality of apples used for juice processing. Charts and tables.

Return Of The Dragon

Author: Denny Roy
Editor: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231528159
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Despite China's effort to maintain peace with its neighbors, its military and economic growth poses an undeniable threat. Regional states must account for a more powerful potential adversary in China, and China has become more ambitious in its efforts to control its surroundings. Historical baggage has only aggravated the situation as China believes it is reclaiming its rightful place after a time of weakness and mistreatment, and other Asia-Pacific countries remember all too well their encounter with Chinese conflict and domination. Through a careful consideration of historical factors and raw data, Denny Roy examines the benefits and consequences of a more politically, economically, and militarily potent China. Since China's intended sphere of influence encroaches on the autonomy of regional states, its attempts to increase its own security have weakened the security of its neighbors. Nevertheless, there is little incentive for Beijing to change a status quo that is mostly good for China, and the PRC thrives through its participation in the global economy and multilateral institutions. Even so, Beijing remains extremely sensitive to challenges to the Chinese Communist Party's legitimacy and believes it is entitled to exercise influence on its periphery. On these issues, nationalism trumps any reluctance to upset the international system. Diplomatic disputes regarding the islands in the South China Sea, as well as controversial relations with North Korea, continue to undermine Chinese promises of positive behavior. Roy's study reveals the dynamics defining this volatile region, in which governments pursue China as an economic partner yet fear Beijing's power to set the rules of engagement.

The Making Of Global Health Governance

Author: Nicole A. Szlezák
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137020830
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A study of governance in the emerging global domain, this book traces the evolution of global public policy making by focusing on four entities: a globalizing sector (health); a global disease (HIV/AIDS); a global organization (the Global Fund); and a major sovereign state (China).

The Cosmopolitanization Of Science

Author: J. Zhang
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137000732
File Size: 55,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Focussing on China's stem cell research, this book investigates how, over the last decade, Chinese scientists, ethicists and policy-makers have developed a cosmopolitan sensibility in comprehending and responding to ethical and regulatory concerns.

International Libel And Privacy Handbook

Author: Charles J. Glasser, Jr.
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470885406
File Size: 20,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Publishers, journalists, and authors can be sued for violating legal standards thousands of miles away from where they work. This book, written primarily for journalists and editors, but of use to their lawyers, explains risks publishers should understand prior to publication, steps to take to avoid legal conflicts, and available defenses in the event of a claim. This new second edition of International Libel and Privacy Handbook is an updated nation-by-nation summary of libel and privacy law written by local practitioners in an easy-to-use reference format covering Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Glasser's second edition includes new chapters on emerging media markets such as the Middle East and Malaysia, as well as thorough legal updates on all major media nations.